Tips to Relieve Your Pet of Allergies or Hay Fever

Yes, pets can get hay fever and allergies. Like people they can develop sensitivity to airborne pollutions such as pollen, dust, and mold. Unlike people, pets are more likely to itch but some have been known to sneeze frequently. What can you do if your beloved pet suffers from allergies and hay fever? Here are a few tips to help you relieve your pet from allergies or hay fever..

If your pet is suffering from a severe case of itching due to allergies and hay fever try giving your pet a cool water bath to quickly ease the itching. Bathe for five to ten minutes. Another way to relieve your pet from allergies is to use oatmeal while bathing with cool water. Some suggest colloidal oatmeal like Aveeno. Mix the oatmeal with the cool water, which will give a smooth silky feel. Another way to relieve fido from allergies and hay fever is to use antibiotics prescribed by your vet or those that can be found in stores.

However, every product is not for every pet so check with your vet. The challenge will be in giving the medicine to your pet. Most medication needs to be given on an empty stomach and pets are very clever when it comes to eating everything but the pill when mixed in with their food. You can try to pry the pet’s mouth open and put the pill toward the back of the tongue or you can break up the medicine to powder form and use a syringe. It will be difficult at first but keep trying.

Another way to relieve your pet from allergies or hay fever is to use supplements. Try using fatty acid supplements that relieves skin disorders. Again, these come in capsules so it will be tricky trying to get your pet to swallow this capsule, which they can smell the bitter taste and no it’s not food. One way is to mix it with their food but that will also be challenging because most pets will simply eat around the pill. You can dissolve it into their food by breaking it down into powder form. Finally unless they are allergic to indoor pollutants, one way to relieve your pet from suffering from those awful allergies and hay fever is to keep them inside.

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