To Be Part of the Gang

I remember when my sister was in high school she told me about weird initiations cheerleaders and pep squad members had to go through to be part of the squad.

The rule was after the initiation if they called you it meant you made it and if they didn’t, but just showed up at your house you were part of the team.

Such initiations were often held at the local mall and included such bizarre dares as singing a love song to an old man while standing on a bench in the mall.

Another initiation involved getting zipped up in a sleeping bag and being rolled down the mall.

And another is just too disgusting to print.

Hazing or initiations date back as far as 1905. In 1909 in Denver, CO, some members of fraternities and sororities at high schools there (about 100 members) refused to relinquish their membership in these groups.

When brought into some new group like a school or club people are naturally anxious to begin by making a good impression on the others.

The desire to initiate and be initiated is a very ancient, deep-laid impulse according to Birch organizations. At a place called Woodcraft they carefully select for these try-outs to demonstrate character and ability of the newcomer and the initiation becomes a real proof of fortitude. The trial is given to the candidate when his name is proposed for membership – posted on a Totem pole where it stays for “several suns.”

One of the requirements involves being absolutely silent for six hours the day in a camp others and the newcomers attend while freely mixing with the life of the cam

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