To My Mother

We don’t have this earthly time together anymore.
And I left you, long before you left this life.
I don’t need to tell you how many times I’ve called your name,
Because my life has changed and I need you now�
And I know you hear and answer each anguished call.
I’m only human, and I can not undo that which I have done,
And I can’t go crazy punishing myself, and come all undone,
I know I hurt you Mom, but some days, you hurt me too,
But I don’t blame you anymore, and I have to forgive me too.
We’ll be together again, someday not so far away.
And I know that we will be beings I cannot even fathom.
Where you are, there is only love, which is why I know,
when I have called on you, you have reached down from above.
I have FELT the unmistakable cool hands of my mother,
on my fevered and worried brow, and the comfort of your touch�
I talk to you and I know that you listen and answer still.
And you have had a hand in bringing things into my life hat I needed,
And no one else would know, or could know, but my own mother.
I walked out on you, and I know that I hurt you,
I also know you left this world, angry and confused.
But just like Him, where you and the rest of my family reside,
There is love without measure and forgiveness runs like a river.
You forgave me, when you shed the smallness of this earth-
And you were transpired in the blink of an eye,
To that, which I hope someday to be;
Always loving, always forgiving, always patient and always faithful.
I love you Mom. I’m Sorry. Happy Mother’s Day.
I’m glad to know you are really still here with me!

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