Toe the Line Foot Scrub Product Review

Now that summer has arrived, many people are shopping for their summer ensembles which may include tank tops, shorts, sandals, and so forth. During the summer months, sandals are practically a necessity. Besides, nobody wants to walk around with socks and tennis shoes. Because many people bear their feet May – September, they are likely concerned about ways to improve the appearance of their feet. For this matter, many nail salons receive a flood of patrons wanting pedicures. However, pretty feet goes further than applying nail cover. Some people suffer from dry, hard, or cracked feet. Thus, they avoid exposing their feet during the summer. Fortunately, there are products available to soften and refresh feet.

With the variety of foot scrubs on the market, consumers may be unsure of which brand are proven to work. If having difficult choosing a foot scrub, I highly recommend trying Toe the Line foot scrub available at Bath and Body Works Stores. This store’s line of foot products is guaranteed to revitalize tired feet. Toe the Line is available as a foot scrub and a foot lotion. The items are sold separate; thus, some people may only buy one. Because I have used both products together, I encourage buying the products as a set. Both products contain the same active ingredients to moisturize dry feet.

Toe the Line foot scrub includes ingredients such as walnut shell powder which exfoliates skin. Next, the tea tree oil deodorizes feet, while the peppermint and rose extracts create a cool and refreshing feel. As the scrub is massaged into wet skin, hard and rough spots on the feet are softened. Toe the Line’s peppermint foot lotion helps keep skin soft all day long. The lotion can be applied generously.

Initially, it helps to use the scrub and lotion on a daily basis, perhaps at night before bedtime, and then gradually decrease to every couple of days. Persons with extreme dry skin may need to use the scrub and lotion multiple times throughout the day.

Even though I highly advocate this product, the downside is that the foot scrub and lotion is costly. Both products cost $14 each. If possible, wait until Bath and Body Work is having a sale. This way, you may be able to get the products half off, or buy-one-get-one-free. Because the lotion is used more often than the foot scrub, you will likely need to replace the lotion before the scrub.

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