Too Much Television: Break the T.V. Addiction

Television is a huge part of our lives and it serves many purposes. Some people only watch television to stay up-to-date on world events, whereas others use television as a means to unwind after a long day. In either case, watching television is harmless. On the other hand, some people practically live to watch television. They turn on the television the second they walk into the house, and it remains on until bedtime. Even worse, some people stay up all night watching television.

Aside from becoming a huge time waster, television watching contributes to laziness and tiredness. Of course, with the large selection of channels, there is no wonder why so many people get sucked into this routine. In the mid 1980’s, cable television consisted of about 36 channels – give or take. Gradually, more and more channels were added. The days of basic cable are gone. Now, we can choose between expanded basic, digital cable, and premium channels. Serious television viewers may take it a little further and subscribe to a satellite service, with an option of over 300 channels.

There was a time when parents would arrange a television viewing schedule to limit the amount of time their children spent watching T.V. Today, many adults need a similar schedule for themselves. Too much television watching can create a noticeable problem. In essence, television watching is like an addiction. With so many programs to watch, many find themselves consumed by movies, music videos, national news, entertainment news, and so forth. Still, there are ways to break the habit.

1. Keep the Television Turned Off

Some people have been able to successfully break the television addiction by simply keeping the box turned off. Of course, this takes a lot of self-control. Stopping a T.V. addiction cold turkey is difficult. Instead, limit the amount of time spent watching television each day. For example, if you normally watch six hours a day, vow to cut it back to four hours, and then two hours, and so forth. If the temptation to watch more television is great, unplug the television and place it in a closet or garage. Once the television is out-of-sight, you may be able to use your time more constructively.

2. Get Rid of Extra Channels

This may seem like a drastic move, but if you really want to break the television addiction, consider getting rid of large viewing selection. In hindsight, nobody needs 300 viewing channels. With a large selection, there will always be something of interest to watch. If possible, get rid of the satellite. Nobody is suggesting that you become primitive and go back to three viewing stations. However, experiment with a basic cable service. These services provide the essential programming such as the local stations, weather station, news station, children’ programming, and a music station.

3. Choose Other Types of Entertainment

Too much television causes some children to lose their imagination, and it becomes a convenient babysitter for parents. Once the large number of program selections is gone, you will now have time for more important things. For example, do you have a hobby? If so, use this extra time to perfect your talent. Read a book. Take a class. Make home improvements. Once the television programs are limited, children may have a hard time adjusting. On the weekends and evenings, arrange to spend the day at the park and encourage outdoor play.

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