Top 10 Songs by Gangstarr

Known as one of the pioneers of rap/hip hop, lyrical artist Guru set out to dominate the charts by providing rap fans with something new to remember from each album released. His idea of music was to influence crowds worldwide by liberating themselves from the chains of mental slavery; each album encouraging cleaning up the streets and educating the youth with wisdom. Alongside DJ premiere, The Guru’s beats were some of the most well developed tracks in the music industry.

Top Track # 10: “As I read my S-A.” – Step in the Arena: Released 1991
A hot and choppy track 16 from the album listed above. Guru illustrates in a brief display of lyric genius his memoirs (figuratively speaking).

Top Track # 9: “Illest Brother” – Daily Operation: Released 1992
Guru sets out on a story telling mission, schooling the youth of what of the behaviors and conduct of becoming or being the Illest brother. Some of have different meanings of what being the “Illest brother,” but the most important thing to remember is that “The Illest brother claims respect.”

Top Track #8: “2 Deep” – Daily Operation: Released 1992
The Guru emphasizes why he’s one of the most underrated rappers in the game. He manifests his talents by explaining why he is the deepest rapper in the game.

Top Track #7: “Ex Girl to Next Girl” – Daily Operation: Released 1992
Guru breaks the ice by explaining some of his past and current love experiences. Evidently through the song, he explains his difficulties from dealing with past women trying to extract money from him. After making it to the top, those same scheming women come back around and are pursuing him once more. Now he’s happy and find a new girl and wants the other women to know he’s moved on.

Top Track #6: “ALONGWAYTOGO” – Hard to Earn: Released in 1994
Mr. Guru emphasizes through hook, “It’s a long way to go when you don’t know where you’re going.” He returned in 1994 with this hot track, twisted loops incorporated, blending one of his hottest and most prestigious tracks in his career.

Top Track #5: “Betrayal” – Moment of Truth: Released in 1998
Standing in the studio next to Scarface, Guru and face cut one of the most truest and down to earth tracks throughout the year. Betrayal is a classic that any rap listener can adapt too. The two blend lyrical stories implementing how even those closest to you can betray or backstab you..

Top Track #4: “Moment of Truth” – Moment of Truth: Released in 1998
Moment of Truth is without a doubt one of the hottest tracks ever put together by DJ Premiere and the Guru! The message is short for, “Watch your back.”

Top Track #3: “Royalty” – Moment of Truth: Released in 1998
A WPGC 95.5 or 93.9 classic in the Washington D.C. area, Guru explains to his fans, other by standing rappers why he and DJ Premiere are royalty.

Top Track #2: “Rite where u stand” – The Ownerz: 2003
This is definitely another top track from the Guru collection. Featuring New York’s beloved Jadakiss, the two rip a dynamic track of threatening to leave fake hood reps “Rite where they stand.”

Top Track #1: “Discipline” – Full Clip: 1999
In this album featuring their decade of destruction, which began in 1989, Guru released the top and ultimate track amongst his jukebox, Discipline. In this track, featured with Total, Guru expresses sympathy for chumps who have no discipline. In his bars he lays out the happenings of brothers and sisters who don’t have discipline in their daily regimen. This is the best track amongst the collection.

Originally from Boston, Mass, Guru (Keith Elam) was born July 17, 1966. Elam had a desire to one day become a hip-hop music star. After being turned down by producers in his very city of Boston, he set of to the land and birth of Hip Hop. New York. In his album ‘Daily Operation,’ the Guru makes mention of cities in the state such as: Brooklyn, Flatbush and Brownsville, but illustrates that Brooklyn is his favorite. The name Guru stands for: Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal.

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