Top 5 Funny Standup Comics You Should See

If you are into standup comedy like I am then you have seen every national headliner that comes to your town. But most people don’t realize that there are so many other funny comics to be seen that might not get the national exposure that say Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld, and Chris Rock get. These comics who don’t have the exposure aren’t any less funny in fact often times are funnier than some that are considered the best.

This is my list of the top comics you must see, with information on them and links to their websites so you can find out when you can catch one of their shows in your area. I am serious when I say check them out, I have seen over 1,000 standup comics and these are some of my favorites, you wont be disappointed with them.

Number five on the list is Kevin Brennan a very funny comic who just filmed an HBO comedy hour. So you will be seeing his face soon and I suggest you catch him live before he gets to popular and you have to pay $40 a ticket. He has also been on comedy central presents in his own half our special, and also was a writer/cast member on SNL. I saw him at The Improv in Kansas City and he was hysterical, I didn’t stop laughing the entire show. Kevin is for audiences of all ages and types; he can make anyone laugh by talking about relationships and his childhood. Check out Kevin’s website at for his Bio and his scheduled tour dates. I promise you this guy is funny, check out a show and let me know what you thought.

At the four spot is the heavy weight comedy talent of Gabriel Iglesias. Gabriel is a very funny comic who jokes about his weight and how he and his friends determine who is the fattest. His humor is a mix of stories, characters and sound effects which he uses in a clean format which make him a favorite of any crowd. He has the ability to be funny without having to be dirty which can be a tough job. You can check Gabriel out at (

The Number three comic is Charlie Viracola who wants to change the world with his standup. Charlie is a very funny comic who just tells humorous stories about how he would like the world to be and why it would be better his way. Charlie Vircola is a funny up and coming comic who is sure to soon be a popular favorite. Charlie is described as a funny, strange, unpredictable performer that is always doing something different, but always funny. Check out his website and find out what Planet Charlie is (

At the two spot is another funny soon to be big comic, Kyle Cease. You probably remember him from the movie Ten Things I Hate About You, he played Bogey Lowenstein and then played the slow clapper in Not Another Teen Movie. Well whether you remember him or not doesn’t change the fact that he is hilarious and one of the rising stars on the comedy scene. If you have ever owned a Nintendo he will make you fall down laughing while reminding you about all the quirks of the system that were fixed merely by blowing into the system. I saw Kyle Cease at my college 4 years ago before he had done anything on Comedy Central. Now he has his own half hour special and is touring all over the country. Kyle is more for anyone born in the 80’s but can still make any crowd laugh all night long, check out his website he has some great stuff there and his tour dates and schedule so you can check out a show (

Number one spot goes to Patton Oswalt who is one of the funniest comics around. Patton has so many credits to his name which include many roles on TV shows, writing credits for MAD TV, writing credits for the MTV Music Video and Movie awards shows. Patton has his own special for HBO and most recently a one hour special for Comedy Central labeled Patton Oswalt: No Reason to Complain. Check out Patton’s website and find out what he is doing now and check out all the movies he has been in. (

I am serious when I say that these are some of the best comics on the scene today. They may not have the media exposure that some comics have, but they promise to put on a great show and have you laughing all night long.

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