Top 5 Gifts for a Red Sox Fan

No team has more loyal fans than the Boston Red Sox.

The Red Sox recently won the 2013 World Series, and now many people are considering what holiday gifts to get for their family and friends who are Red Sox fans.

The following list includes the top five gifts to consider purchasing for a Red Sox fan.

1. A World Series Champion hat. The Red Sox are the 2013 world champions! What gift would be better than a ball cap commemorating this feat? Every Red Sox fan needs to have at least one World Series fan, if not several. Hats range in price from $19.99 to over $39 on Major League Baseball’s official website.

2. A World Series Champion t-shirt! Again, Red Sox fans are not going to want to forget anytime soon that their team won the World Series! They can never have enough Boston shirts and hats. Especially since the Red Sox just won the World Series, Boston fans need to have their closets full of Red Sox garb! Expect to spend anywhere from $15-$30 for a high-quality shirt.

3. A commemorative plaque. Go ahead and get a plaque commemorating the World Series win. This could cost anywhere from $25-$60… The nicer plaque you want, the more it will cost. Any Boston Red Sox fan worth their salt will be proud to hang up a commemorative plaque somewhere in their home!

4. A Boston Red Sox-themed stuffed animal. What is cuter than a stuffed animal wearing a Red Sox uniform? Nothing, that’s what! Even the most gruff and tough Boston Red Sox fan will still melt if you buy them a cute little Boston Red Sox-themed bear! Plus, these stuffed animals will also make kids incredibly happy!

5. A pair of red socks! Why not? If you really don’t want to buy any of the aforementioned gifts and you just aren’t sure what to get, go ahead and buy some socks. At the very least, they will keep the recipient’s feet warm.

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