Top 5 Reasons to Attend Austin’s Barktoberfest 2006: Dog Walk and Fall Festival

Austin festivals are almost always family-friendly affairs, but not many of them are put on especially for the furriest member of your family- your dog! Barktoberfest, a pledge dog walk and festival, is held each year in October to benefit the Central Texas SPCA, a unique no-kill animal shelter that provides a home-like living environment for their cat and dog rescues. Barktoberfest is one of the most fun fall festivals held in the Austin area. Here are the top 5 reasons you should not miss this event:

5) The t-shirts- Everyone in Austin wears their affiliations and hobbies on their backs for all to see. It seems like everyone has Capitol 10K or SafePlace Safe Walk t-shirts. It’s an easy way to let your friends and neighbors know that you are active in the community. Plus they just look cool. Last year’s shirts were Halloween-themed and the glowed in the dark. What kid (or Halloween enthusiast) wouldn’t love to have one of those?

4) Weiner dog races-enough said.

3) Enjoy beautiful Texas fall weather- Summer is brutal all over the state, but we South and Central Texans know that we have it worst. The beating sun and intense humidity keep people cooped up indoors for months. By October, the weather is gorgeous and people are ready to hit the parks and nature trails. This year, Barktoberfest 2006 will take place in Old Settlers Park. You and your entire family, including the 4-legged members, will have plenty of room to run, play ball, and lounge under big beautiful fall trees.

2) In recognition of the October holiday Halloween Barktoberfest puts on a dog costume contest. If you or someone you know would love to dress up a Dachshund in a hot-dog-with-mustard costume and let him compete against Beagle pirates and Chihuahua princesses, then you just can’t miss this event. You’ll have the opportunity to snap some adorable photos while competing for a prize.

1) It’s for charity- People don’t often have the opportunity to work for charity and have a blast doing it. This is one of those rare opportunities where attendees are giving back to the community without even noticing. The admission is inexpensive-starting at $5 for general admission and up to $15 for the pledge walk- a small price to pay for the experience. Parents looking to teach children about civic responsibility will not hear any groans from kids about making a costume for Fido. Affluent Austinites looking for a cause to support will feel good about giving to a nonprofit organization that helps those who can’t help themselves. Fitness fanatics will jump at the chance to engage in some physical activity. In short, there is something for everyone at this event, and no matter what kind of enjoyment you get out of it, you can feel good that your admission fee to going toward helping pets that are less fortunate than your own.

The details:
Barktoberfest 2006 will be held at Old Settlers Park in Round Rock, just north of Austin, on October 14, beginning at 10 a.m. To register, download a pledge form, discuss volunteer opportunities or find out more about the Central Texas SPCA, please see

About the Central Texas SPCA:
The Central Texas SPCA is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization firmly committed to providing quality care to their animal rescues. The CTSPCA is a true no-kill shelter; pets will be housed there until a suitable home can be found, no matter how long it takes. Animal residents live in comfortable, roomy, home-like spaces, not small, cooped cages, and are given high-quality care and attention.

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