Top BBQ Restaurants in New York City

3. Dinosaur BBQ ( has several locations in
âÂ?¦and all of them have the same great barbeque cuisine. Dinosaur BBQ (or Dino’s) is an extremely low-key restaurant with high-grade barbeque. Its prices are a little steep, but you won’t find BBQ like this in too many places, so it’s worth the “cost of admission.” They have every thing under the barbeque umbrella. There’s sausage, links, steak, loose meat pork and barbeque spare ribs. The barbeque sauce at Dino’s is unlike any others. There has never been a time where I went to Dino’s and I didn’t need to ask for another bottle of barbeque sauce. Shoot! They ought to market the stuff on its own. I leave Dino’s licking my fingers every time, and I don’t ever envision myself leaving there any other way. They come in platters where you can choose 2, 3 or 4 different meats and of course you are allowed one side of your choice. But if you’re looking for something nice to go with your barbequed meat, than you’re in the wrong place. This is carnivore’s heaven, so leave the desire for the huge heapings of fries at home. But if you want meat, and more of it, then this is your place. To accommodate the ravenous carnivore in all of us, they also have a great sampler platter for a table to enjoy and to use in order to decide whether they want the steak, chicken or both. But even to the truest of carnivores, no barbeque platter is complete without something to hose it down with. That’s why Dino’s full-service bar is a welcomed addition to an establishment where you’ll have plenty of food to wash down.

2. Eating at Virgil’s Barbeque ( is a lot like going to a cow buffet. That’s not a bad thing, is it? I hope not, otherwise I have been sinning for a long time. I love Virgil’s, and after you’ve gone there for the first time, you will love Virgil’s, too. Located in the heart of
Times Square
, Virgil’s is spacey restaurant with great service. The food is just as impeccable as the accommodations though. With an array of different types of barbeque products, and a menu that includes barbeque recipes from around the country, there is not a platter in the joint that any carnivore can resist. Like most barbeque restaurants, you can choose multiple types of meat in any variety you want. No, heaping sides here though, either. So if you want to get full on food, you better order a quadruple meat platter or one heck of a burger! The sauce is good. The high-quality meat is great. And the choices, well those are marvelous. So next time you’re in
New York
, don’t’ take a bite out of the big apple, take a bite out of Virgil’s! Enjoy!

BBQ ( is the top barbeque restaurant in all of
. It has a chain of restaurants around the island, and on any given night you can find any of these restaurants filled to its capacity. And yet, they continue to sit you within 5 or 10 minutes at most locations! This place has great food for better prices than any of the 2 restaurants I mentioned before. They give you heaping platters that are filled to the brim with entrÃ?©e and sides. You like macaroni, collard greens, fries or potatoes with your carnivorous platter? Well, how about a plate full of them! And they aren’t just big servings of sides, but they are big in taste, too. But let me get to the entrees. What can I say, but “Damn!” They too, have the multiple meat platters, and their ribs, BBQ chicken and steaks are one of the best trio’s of meat on the face of this earth. They also have a deep fried shrimp platter that is to die for. I end up getting 2 or 3 plates of shrimp every time I go. And can you stay shrimp & steak? Their surf and turf platter is not only full of flavor, but it’s reasonably pricedâÂ?¦just like everything else in the restaurant! Everything here is affordable, even the whopping “Texas-Size” frozen margaritas. For well under 10 bucks, you can get a huge frozen margarita and a shot to go with it. So if you’re having trouble washing down that culinary cornbread, savory steak, or striking shrimp with a glass of water, go ahead and “Texas Size” your margarita so you don’t choke on all that meat you order – because you will order a lot!

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