Top Car Electronics Products Under $100 to Make Your Mirrors Shake

Are you looking to make your rear-view mirror fall off, wake up your neighbors, or do you simply want a little more base with your tunes? No matter your answer to this question the answer is the same: Subwoofer(s). Before you go thinking that you’re going to have to spend a month’s worth of paychecks just to get one sub, think again. There are plenty of quality options available for under $100.

Some systems can cost thousands of dollars. It’s possible, however, to build a well rounded system, subs included, for under $1000. Subwoofers can easily become one of the priciest components in the system, but with some careful shopping and component matching, they can become just another piece of a system guaranteed to wow everyone. The following are a select group of woofers that when utilized correctly, can become as impressive as those costing three times as much. The products I am going to list are just some of the subwoofers available.

Make sure you do your research not only into the price of products, but also into everything you will need for your system. This includes a properly sized box, an adequate amplifier, a good head unit, and various other products that combine to form the ideal sound experience. Some sites to use for researching prices as well as setups are,, and Research is vital, so take your time when completing this step of the process so you know just what you are getting into before it arrives at your door.

Subwoofers under $100: Infinity REF1052W Subwoofer (10″ and 12″)
Available for under $100 dollars in both a 10-inch and 12-inch size, this woofer is ideal for those looking to add some bump to their ride without adding a lot of power. It’s large rubber surround allows it to produce tight bass and it’s minimal power consumption allows you to save money by not having to purchase an additional amplifier. Sleek silver and black color scheme goes with any cars interior. Infinity is most well known for their premiere car audio products, such as speakers and subwoofers.

Subwoofers under $100: Kenwood KFC-W3010 Subwoofer (10″ and 12″)
Another “two-size” subwoofer under $100, this Kenwood model is capable of handeling massive amounts of power (1000W Peak, 400W RMS). This sub also features a large magnet measuring in at 63.4 ounces. Swirled cone delivers a clean bass that can shake you from the ground up. Made of durable Pearl-mica polypropylene (Big words, I know), this speaker is made to stand up to the toughest conditions. Small space requirement is ideal for those who have tiny trunks, but require big bass.

Subwoofers under $100: Sony 10″ P5 Turbo Cone Subwoofer
Want high peak power to deliver those big bass notes right when toy need them, this is the subwoofer for you. This 10 incher peaks at 1200 watts. The unique polypropylene, pentagonal cone with swirls is meant to rebound quick for those fast bass notes. Cone design also allows it to be rigid enough to stand up to constant bass in addition to the bumps it’ll take while being driven up and down you city streets.

Don’t know if subwoofers are for you? Go to your local electronics store and listen to just what subwoofers do so you can be sure. Another option for beginners and those unsure about what they want are subwoofer package deals. These include everything needed to plug the system in and jam. Consider all your options and if you are still unsure research some more and read the reviews written by other consumers. Don’t see your favorite subwoofer $100 on my list, add it to the comments for this article.

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