Top Computer Tote Products Under $200

Computer totes are a big fashion accessory these days. A computer tote is a great way to transport your laptop while you take advantage of local hot spots and Internet cafes. There are a wide variety of computer totes on the market today. Personally, I believe a good computer totes should be fashionable, comfortable, and sturdy. In that order! Affordable should be in there somewhere as well. Here is a list of my favorite computer totes under $200. Two of these are often found on sale, so this may be my favorite computer tote products under $100.

My favorite computer totes product is the Atlantis “Infinity EX” Satchel Tote. I love this computer tote. I often use it to throw things in when I am not even traveling with my laptop. The Atlantis “Infinity EX” Satchel Tote is super roomy and super cute! It measures a big 17″ x 13″ x 7″. Even the biggest and oldest laptops out there should fit into this computer tote! My favorite feature of this roomy computer tote is that even though it is large, it does meet the FAA size requirements for carry on luggage. This can be very important for anyone who travels with their laptop. Nothing is worse that being told your carry on luggage is too big. The Atlantis “Infinity EX” Satchel Tote will normally retail for about $100, but I have seen it on sale for prices a slow as $49.99. It is usually sold at department stores, so look for the store coupons to really save a little money.

The Samsonite Double Compartment Roll-Top Computer Case is a great computer tote made especially for the ladies out there. Yes, men, you must take a back seat in this one. Style and elegance were the main focus in this sturdy computer tote. Quality can be assured since the name Samsonite is stamped on it. This luxurious computer tote is made of leather and leaves nothing to be desired in little storage compartments. There is a pocket for your business cards, pens, pencils, calculators, PDA, and even your trusty cell phone. This is one computer tote that is well worth the asking price of $200. Just to be honest though I have seen it on sale for as little as $99.99. The Samsonite Double Compartment Roll-Top Computer Case comes in black leather only. My favorite feature of this pricey laptop tote is the removable and adjustable shoulder strap. It is padded incase you are lugging around one of those heavy old laptops. Another great feature of this computer tote is that inside you will find two compartments that are separated with a zipper. Perfect for keeping papers in one and your laptop in the other,

The Pierre Cardin Fashion Tote is another one of those computer totes that definitely give the purses out there a run for their money. This fully lines colorful computer tote is perfect for anyone who does not take business attire to mean black or tan. You can buy the colorful Pierre Cardin Fashion Tote in your choice of blue, lime, or pink. These super fun colors are great for summer or casual attire. This would be a great computer tote for college students. It has great features like integrated ID tags, interior zipping pockets, and double carrying handles. Don’t let the fun colors of this casual computer tote keep you from buying it. The Pierre Cardin Name is definitley known for quality and this computer tote is no expectation. Heavy-duty zippers and hardware make this bag exceptionally sturdy and well worth the price. A Pierre Cardin Fashion Tote is one of the least expensive computer totes I have seen. It will cost you about $100, but you can almost always find these computer totes on sale for under $50.00. The bag is made of heavy duty 600 denier polyester and perfect for throwing in the washer when it gets a little grimy from the outside world. The bag comes with a five-year warranty, which I think is amazing for the price. I personally also like this computer tote because it is another one of those computer totes that could easily double as an overnight bag. It measures in at 16″ x 14″ by 12″ deep. It is roomy and still meets guidelines as a carry on for a plane trip.

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