Top Digital Fork Thermometers for Under $30

A barbecue fork thermometer enables you to quickly, easily, and accurately determine the doneness of your meats on the barbecue or in the oven, enabling you to deliver meals from rare to well-done, exactly as desired, without having to return them to the flame for more cooking. An electronic fork thermometer is an inexpensive and highly useful accessory for anyone who cooks a decent amount of meat, and some very good choices are available for under $30.

Some of you barbecue aficionados may be too proud to ever admit to having to use an electronic barbecue fork thermometer to test the doneness of your meats, claiming expertise alone is responsible for yet another superb meal. But you must admit that there is ample room for error, particularly in thick cuts of meat, and rather than slicing open such a lovely piece of steak to see how done it is, wouldn’t it make more sense to use a barbecue fork thermometer and leave your steak or other meats intact?

The Taylor Professional Digital Fork Thermometer features a digital readout on the handle, relaying the temperature of your meats in either Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees. The long tines of the fork penetrate your meat but are slimly tapered, helping to leave the juices in your meat, making for a moist, tender meal. A non-slip handle makes gripping the digital fork thermometer easy and comfortable. Once the temperature reading has been taken, you can press a hold button to retain the current reading as you remove the fork from the meat, so that the temperature doesn’t begin to change again until you have viewed it.

A handy chart lets you know required temperatures of meats for health and safety, and an automatic shutoff helps extend the life of the battery. The Taylor Professional Digital Fork Thermometer can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

The RediFork Pro LCD w/detachable tines, by Maverick Industries, delivers an accurate temperature reading within 3 seconds, and also features a built-in light and timer, handy additions for any cook. The LCD readout display is easy to read, and the RediFork Pro also allows you set your own meat and taste settings. The fork portion of the electronic fork thermometer can be removed for easy cleaning.

The Bonjour Grill Tech Fork Thermometer is ideal for steaks, sausages and chicken, and also features an illuminated LCD display for easy readouts of your meats’ temperature as well as doneness. The sturdy fork can easily handle lifting up to 9 pounds of food. The Bonjour Grill Tech Fork Thermometer also has a timer that can be set to take continual readings. The easy-to-grip fork can take readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. The stainless steel tines are easy to clean.

Another quality digital fork thermometer is the Acu-Rite, Sure Grip Instant Read Digital Fork Thermometer. This device perfectly reads the temperature of any meat or fowl, and other food products, whether roasted, barbecued, smoked, baked, fried or broiled. You can even use it to take readings of your fridge and freezer to ensure proper temperatures in there as well.

The Acu-Rite Sure Grip Digital Fork Thermometer uses long, stainless steel tines and delivers readings in Fahrenheit or Celsius at the touch of a button. The soft handle provides a comfortable grip and an automatic shutoff prevents the batteries from dying.

An essential tool in a kitchen or for barbecuing, a digital fork thermometer will certainly make cooking many meals easier, enabling you to cook them as you like them without worrying about meats being underdone or overcooked. It also makes a great gift for any barbecue enthusiast.

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