Top Fishing Spots in the United States

If you have the time and the money there are some hot spots around the country for fishing. It doesn’t matter if you want to catch a crappie fish or a bass, there is a spot for every fish and fisherman or should we say fisherperson (more and more women are beginning to take up the relaxing hobby).

Here’s a look at ten places you may want to consider when planning your next fishing vacation.

Lake Eufaula, Oklahoma

Crappies are the most plentiful fish in this lake, which spreads over 100,000 acres in Eastern Oklahoma.

Anglers who fish during the spring run have been known to take home a good number of fish. Yet, the crappie action continues twelve months a year.

For more info you can call the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation at 405-521-3721

Grand Traverse Bay, Michigan

Grand Traverse Bay is best known for its salmon fishing. Anglers can find a lot of fishing action close to the shore.

The water really heats up beginning in May, which is considered the best time to catch multiple bites.

For more information on this Bay you can call the Department of Natural Resources at 231-922-5280

Umpqua River, Oregon

Want to catch some smallmouth fish then check out Umpqua River. There have been 100 to 200 caught per day here. They run from 1 to 2 pounds, but 3 and 4 pounders have also been caught, too.

Call the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife at 541-826-8774

Raritan Bay, New Jersey/New York

Go to the new Ocean Breeze pier on the Satan Island down to Sandy Hook and you will find this rare bay. In the fall, you may be able to find some live eels.

Contact the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife at 609-292-2083

Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota

If you are looking to catch walleyes pike, smallmouth bass, muskies or perch, you may want to check out Mille Lacs Lake.

Call the Division of Natural Resources at 218-927-3751 for more information.

Roanoke River, North Carolina

During the spring you can catch plenty of striped bass during their spring run. They can average anywhere from 3 to 5 pounds. In May they have big catch and release event.

Call the Wildlife Resources Division at 919-707-0224 for more information.

Kanetok River, Alaska

Kanetok River is known for their pink salmon and leopard strain rainbows. Salmon runs at various times from early June through September.

There is a remote fixed base tent camp run by Alaska West. For more information call 1-8000-344-3628

Lake Erie, Ohio

Anglers love to fish off boats here on the Erie Lake. Catfish can be found here ranging from 16 to 30 inches in length.

For more information call the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Fairport Harbor office at 440-352-4199

Carter Lake, Colorado

This 1,100 acre lake is home for trout.

Call Larimer County Parks and Open Lands at 970-679-4570 for more information.

Bay Springs Lake, Mississippi

This lake is located in Northeastern Mississippi and runs over 6,700 acres. It is known for its best bass waters for the numbers of fish, the size and the spots.

For more information on this lake call 662-327-2142

There are a lot of other hot fishing spots across the country. To find some of the best spots, talk to fellow anglers. You know anglers love to brag about their catches, just remember to not always believe exactly the size of their catch.

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