Top Five Bamboo Flooring Options

If you’re looking for a floating floor and you can’t decide on a color or material, look no further than bamboo. This alternative to wood isn’t actually a wood product at all-it’s really a grass. This fast growing wood-like material grows to full maturity in just four years or less instead of the decades it takes for hardwood species. Bamboo can made to mimic just about any wood style, so no matter what you choose, you’ll be getting a product that’s not only green, but one that’s a perfect match for any home décor. Here’s the top five bamboo flooring options to help reveal the true beauty of bamboo flooring.

Yanchi Bamboo

This strand woven bamboo uses a click-lock joining system that requires no glue or fastening systems other than the material itself. I personally like this style of materials as it takes a fine milling process to get these products to join together that precisely. Its simple aluminum oxide finish is the most common and cheapest styles of finishes available but has a 25 year warranty that will last through even the toughest of foot traffic.

Mohawk Bamboo

This brand name should be familiar to you. They are one of the leading carpet manufacturers. Mohawk brands are synonymous with quality materials and their bamboo flooring is no exception. Mohawk bamboo flooring can be nailed down, glued down, stapled down or left as floating, so it can be applied in any room of your home with ease. This great woven strand bamboo looks like a million bucks, without costing you a fortune.

Stepco Bamboo

Stepco wood flooring materials are typically glue down only but some of their bamboo flooring comes in the floating floor style. With a product that looks this good but is so cheap, it’s easy to see why they have been edging their way up the ladder in the bamboo flooring market.

Supreme Bamboo

Their name says it all-supreme. This fantastic bamboo flooring uses a younger and softer bamboo material to create their flooring, providing a smoother and softer floor underfoot. This also produces a lighter and more wood like finish that many homeowners prefer over darker bamboo flooring options. And with a quicker turn around rate for production, the younger material is often cheaper than their competitors.

Teragren Bamboo

By using a mixture of composite materials along with bamboo, Teragren bamboo flooring takes the cake. Their wide variety of colors, styles and design options makes for the perfect choice when you don’t want your bamboo floors to look like bamboo. From slate grey to bleached white, Teragren bamboo floors have exactly what you need to suit any design theme.

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