Top Five Healing and Relaxation Music CDs

As the day progresses into the evening hours, it’s a perfect opportunity to begin to wind down and relax. Healing sounds and soothing chords can bring your mind into focus, deeper awareness, and is a great approach toward natural relaxation. Gentle sounds will help to bring you relief within just ten to fifteen minutes of listening, carefully guiding you away from the busy and hectic schedules most of us are accustomed to day in, day out. Think about how much better you’ll feel after a refreshing break; the peace and clear-headedness of a well-deserved nap are possible with just a few deep breaths, some healing music, and channeling your energy into relaxation.

Many New Age trends and organizations promote a variety of sound compilations and healing methods. Many use instruments such as harps, string guitars, light drumming, and steady rainfall sounds to provide a listening environment that can encourage natural relaxation. Chants and peaceful voices are now included on many healing music tracks, and may even serve as a gateway to your own meditation routine or relaxation needs. Most of us have learned to relax with jazz, acoustic, baroque, or chants and vocal sounds such as Enya. Today’s options can be found in a variety of forms, and the trends gear toward natural methodology; think of subtle sounds of water combined with bamboo flutes, meditative chants, ocean waves, and gentle tunes. Listening to healing and meditative music on an ongoing basis is a wonderful way to incorporate a natural routine or habit into your daily, or weekly schedule.

Eternal Om,by Robert Slap

This compilation offers subliminal sounds of gentle human choir voices, combined with a gentle chanting beat and inspirational music. The tracks are uplifting and spiritual in nature, without being overly repetitive and dull. The word ‘Om’ is used as a Buddhist/meditation chant, and can be found in a variety of meditative verses and texts. Eternal Om is a well-compiled series of easy listening music that can be incorporated into a massage session, meditation, or general healing purposes.

The Sky of Mind, by Ray Lynch

Ray Lynch brings a variety of meditative, rejuvenating, uplifting, and soothing sounds with his contributions on the guitar and flute. It is best suited for deeper relaxation, and will provide a wonderful healing opportunity for those just beginning meditation. The clear notes, flowing sounds, and classical instruments provide a variety of tracks that will make rest and calmness almost second nature to the listener.

Detaching the World:Ambient Music for Massage/Relaxation/Meditation/Yoga

This series of healing and relaxation CDs is highly recommended amongst many professional massage therapists and clients. The peaceful guitar sounds combined with water, light percussion, and Indian attributes combine for a rhythmic masterpiece. If you practice Yoga, this series is also an excellent resource to provide tranquility, comfort, and soothing guidance.

Chanting the Chakras:Roots of Awakening

This healing CD combined of chanting and drumming in the background will instantly uplift and refresh your mind. The music is based on ‘nada yoga’ which is the use of sound for both poses and meditation. The bamboo flute, sitar, and gentle humming provide a valuable alternative to traditional guitar and harp healing music, and an insightful blend into the harmony found in the traditional Indian and Vedic cultures.

Liquid Mind VI: Spirit

The Liquid Mind series offers a contemporary approach to experience tranquility and serene sounds. The ‘Spirit’ compilation includes the use of ‘ocean therapy,’ light but powerful sounds that incorporate one of nature’s beautiful forces. The tracks are very centering, and can bring power and focus to your busy thoughts in a matter of minutes.

No matter how stressful or hectic your day or week may be, there is always an option to take charge and take a break. Being calm, focused, and centered will help you sleep better, be more refreshed each day, and be able to be as productive as possible. Relaxation does not mean laziness! Instead, it is a very beneficial and powerful way to improve your health, even keeping your blood pressure and nervous system well balanced. Without a natural healing method, your body and mind may suffer burnout faster than necessary; incorporate a healthy habit this year with a healing music CD, and you will feel and see results almost instantly!

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