Top Five Health Food Stores in Madison, Wisconsin

When you’re on your healthy-eating streak and find yourself in Madison, Wisconsin, you can be confident that you’ll find a variety of organic, healthy, and delicious food options. Madison, Wisconsin is home to hundreds of local farms, organic food enthusiasts, and numerous self-described ‘foodies.’ From co-ops to grocery stores, many vouch for a healthy approach to eating, food preparation, and cultivation.

Whole Foods Market is perhaps the only chain store that exclusively offers healthy food on a large scale for Madison and the surrounding area. Although many other chains offer extensive health-conscious shelves of goods, Whole Foods remains the leader for mostly organic, seasonal, and mid- to high-end grocery products. Still, there are a variety of healthy vegan, vegetarian, and all natural markets and co-ops to choose from. Locally owned and neighborhood-friendly, these health food stores offer everything from baked goods, artisinal breads, organic produce, and full-service delis! Some are active in the local community by promoting the natural and organic food approach, co-op housing, and the defining the essence of organic food cultivation.

#1: Magic Mill Natural Foods Market: 2862 University Avenue

Located on Madison’s famous University Avenue, just as short walk from the downtown campus area, Magic Mill offers a daily deli, vitamin supplements, handmade baked goods, and freshly prepared soup. Sample dozens of varieties of organic beans, rice, lentils, and granola. You’ll also find wildflowers, herbal supplements, and a great frozen food section with organic convenience in mind!

#2: Whole Foods Market: 3313 University Avenue

This large and popular supermarket chain offers a generous Deli, organic produce, vitamin aids and body care supplements, a nutritious juice bar and coffee venue, and an in-store cafe perfect for lunch. Whole Foods aspires to be the market leader of organic produce and goods for the Madison area; it is currently looking to move to a larger site witin the same neighborhood. Whole Foods also offers cooking classes, demonstrations, and in-store sampling events.

#3: Willy Street Co-Op: 1221 Williamson Street

The Willy Street Co-Op is considered an ‘alternative’ to Whole Foods, as it is a locally owned, community-based cooperative. Offering a fine selection of organic produce, a deli, fresh flowers, and herbal supplements, Willy Street enjoys the ‘neighborhood feel’ of the Williamson street district. The popular vegan bakery and soup stand also offers some great snacks for breaks or a quick stop during your lunch hour.

#4: Mifflin Street Community Co-Op: 32 N Bassett Street

This locally owned, community-based co-operative has been a favorite spot for healthy grocery shoppers for years. Located near the downtown area, the Mifflin Street Co-Op offers unique and gourmet items, often including handmade breads and baked goods. The co-op also offers a wide selection of lentils, beans, rice, and teas from organic farmers around the area.

#5: Nature’s Bakery Cooperative: 1019 Williamson Street

Nature’s Bakery Cooperative is another popular Williamson Street location for organic and vegan food. In operation since 1970, Nature’s Bakery offers its customers a wide selection of Essene-unleavened bread, granola, trail mix, veggie burgers, and delicious cookies and coffee. Another neighborhood market, Nature’s Bakery offers unique and all-natural ingredients for the true vegan and organic-food lover. The cooperative is especially active in the local Madison community, and coordinates projects with co-op housing, nutritional education, and political activism in a variety of fields.

Madison’s diverse community gives vegan, vegetarian, and organic food-lovers a chance to try and sample a variety of goods. The top five health food stores in the area are driven to provide the Madison with a variety of bakery, deli, and organic produce selections; make the most of your healthy eating ventures by shopping at each one on your future grocery trips!

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