Top Five Places for a Coffeehouse Date in Madison, Wisconsin

Coffee and conversation are no longer a lost art; gone are the days when dinner and drinks were the standard date for both city dwellers and suburban crowds. Today’s dating scene can go beyond bars and cocktail hours to the coffeehouse, where hundreds gather in both formal and informal settings for a lively ambiance, thematic rooms, and plentiful drinks. Enjoy the culture and classy styles of Madison, Wisconsin at the following five coffeehouses that offer signature drinks, entertainment, and unique settings. Whether you’re looking for cool sounds and aesthetic appeal, or simply a spot to kick back and exchange iPod tunes, Madison is home to five top-notch locations that might encourage a second date and visit!

Urban, contemporary, modern, family-friendly, or a lounge, each coffeehouse offers a distinct menu. Many of Madison’s local restaurants and coffeehouses take advantage of local artisans and ingredients; the organic neighborhoods and gardens are evident on most sandwich boards and snack choices. Music appeals to a vast crowd, with many coffeehouses offering jazz, lounge-style, ethnic, and world mixes. Wind down or jazz up an afternoon or evening at the following top five places for a coffeehouse date:

1. Michelangelo’s
114 State Street
Located on Madison’s famous State Street, Michelangelo’s in one of the city’s most popular sites for a downtown coffeehouse. Minutes from the State Capitol, this coffeehouse draws the business crowds during the day, and students and couples at night. Enjoy classic board games, a lounge-like, contemporary setting, and wireless internet access. Every night is different, and extended hours during the school year make Michelangelo’s a unique and diverse destination. The menu offers an organic bakery, signature drinks such as the ‘Almond Joy Mocha,’ and a variety of freshly-brewed tea.

2. Caf�© Zoma
2328 Atwood Avenue
This artistic haven on Madison’s east side offers a community-focused approach to the coffeeshop. Found on Atwood Avenue, CafÃ?© Zoma is home to diverse and creative artwork by local artists and artisans; enjoy ony Fair Trade coffee and espresso, and continue your date at the nearby Baryymore Theatre or a walk down Lake Monona. CafÃ?© Zoma is only open until 6 p.m. on weekdays and weekdns, and can serve as a great meetup spot between activities.

3. Barriques Wine & Spirits/Coffee Trader
1901 Cayuga Street
Barriques Wine Market slowly proliferated into a full-fledged coffee trader, offering sandwiches, desserts, wine tastings, and samplings galore. The three locations currently found in Madison offer an upscale but casual setting for a variety of enthusiasts. Enjoy hundreds of wine options, as well as tea, coffee, and signature espresso drinks. Some locations are open until as late as 10 p.m and beyond., offering a great opportunity to wind down, or perk up, after an evening out on the town. Try the delightful desserts and delicious bakery for a late night treat! Other offerings by locaition include delicious sandwiches madke with turkey andouille, smoked lamb, and even catering options for large groups.

4. Prairie Caf�© and Bakery
6720 Frank Lloyd Wright Avenue
This neighborhood caf�© offers delicious breakfast and lunch menus, but the added benefits of live entertainment every Friday night. Local jazz bands, individual artists, and open mic nights are all possible in this casual and contemporary coffeehouse. Enjoy outdoor dining during the summer months, and free parking at this Middleton Isuburb of Madison) location.

5. Dancing Grounds Coffeehouse
11 N. Allen Street
Located in the Regent Street neighborhood, Dancing Grounds Coffeehouse offers an alternative to the upscale cafes with a unique lounge and ‘down-to-earth’ vibe. Owned and operated by a social and enivornmentally-conscious couple, Dancing Grounds coffeehouse offers outdoor seating and a variety of organic and homemade menu items. Relax in one of Madison’s unique destinations, and enjoy fine coffee from around the world, roasted and served to perfection. This coffeehouse is open until 8 p.m. daily.

Madison, Wisconsin appeals to a large and diverse crowd for coffeehouses and lounges. Alongside the five outlined here, you’ll find Starbucks, Victor Allen’s (a locally owned chain), and Barriques (another locally owned chain offering wine and tapas as well). The endless possibilities will ensure that your next date might take place at one of the best coffeehouses; try each one, and find your preferred destination! Many also offer coffee tastings, samplings, and live music.

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