Top Free Electronic or Electronica Internet Radio Stations

Music to chill to, groove out, dance with, think of, feel it or float on. Free Internet Radio Stations are a finger tap away from streaming glory, so listen up to your ears’ content. These are some of the best selections of Electronica, Techno, Intelligent Dance Music, Ambient, Triphip, downtemp, NuJazz, Breakbeat for free radio listening online. Please note that most of these sites boast non-stop commercial free radio, but yet their is an annoucer that has to come in and tell you that, followed by an ad from a sponsor. Nonetheless, its usually over within seconds. is an tremendous free site with up to 15 radio streams of just about every genre and sub genre you can come up with. There is an optional sign-up for advance features, but you can just click and listen with your media player. There are ad spots, but someones got to pay the bills on this large operation. Here are links for the DownTempo, TripHop, Ambient, and the larger containing category of Electronic/Dance.

BPM Radio on does a select DJ set from the biggest dance floor names in conjunction with AOL Radio and also a white label stream on Myspace radio. You can trust in BPM Magazine publisher and DJ, David Ireland to play prime picks for any occasion, beach, bar or bedroom.

Take it underground on The Underground Network and explore a realm of unknown brilliance, lots of artists you’ve never heard of, or maybe caught an ear for in a local scene. The artists create their own profile pages and upload music on the Audio Page where there is a decent selection of free streams for Ambient, Breaks, Downtempo, Hip Hop, House, Jungle, Techno and Trance. I highly recomend the mind bending journeys of Equulei, Dminus or the techy grooves of TY TEK.

On EDM Radio – Electronic Dance Music, there are streaming links to almost 40 Free Internet Radio stations playing continuous streams from a wide spectrum of genres, including some of the most intriguiing Chill Out Blends, as well as Ambient, IDM, triphop, downtempo and big dance beats. Plays on Real Player, Windows Media Player or WinAmp. If your looking for something dark and different or maybe light and lucsious, chances are you’ll find it on one of these stations. Check out the “Chill Out” link next to “Digitally Imported Radio” for some serious IDM ear candy.

Epiphany Radio does a streaming rotation of the latest IDM, Ambient or Ambient Groove, Downtempo, Triphop, techno and electronica. The free radio stream plays on your default media player. Artists and record companies give Epiphany free license to play and the music is from labels like Waveform Records, Instinct Records, Quango, Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, Om Records, Six Degrees Records, Astralwerks Records and ACM Records. Most of these labels are choice picks for downtempo and IDM and house.

Another good free radio choice for IDM or Ambient music is streaming on OEM Radio – Original Electronic Music with a world flavor of artists from around the globe. The site is a simple one page design and you just tune in to see whats playing, which is good for those days your not into making decsions. It’s feel good non-profit music for your electric soul.

Groove Radio
has a free streaming radio or media player download, with some straight trance, house music, but also some other varieties in the mixed set. Artists like Misstress Barbara, Paul vyn Dyk, John Digweed, DJ Krush, Josh Wink, Christopher Lawrence, George Acosta, Paul Oakenfold, Kaskade and lots more.

Enjoy and keep the rhythms flowing. J

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