Top Home Security Safe Products for Under $200

In today’s society, home security is always an important factor. In addition to keeping your family safe, you likely also have various valuables that need protecting and safekeeping as well. If you have important papers such as stocks, wills, insurance items, passports, or the deed to your house, as well as expensive or sentimental jewelry, or other items of value in the home, but worry about their safety, then purchasing a safe is the obvious answer.

There are hundreds of safes on the market to choose from, but not all of them may be right for you, and if you are an average homeowner just looking for some extra security, many safes may be entirely too expensive. Following is a small sampling of the best safes you can purchase for under $200, a very reasonable price for the safety and security of your important and valuable items.

Brink’s Home Security digital steel fire safe will keep valuables safe from burglars and fires. Hopefully your home will never fall victim to a fire, but the extra security of knowing important documents and valuables will be protected during such an emergency is comforting.

The sturdy safe will protect items during a blaze of up to 1,700 degrees for a period of one hour. The safe comes equipped with dual LCD digital lock and accompanying key, with a manual override feature. Capable of storing items within .76 cubic feet of storage space, Brink’s Home Security digital steel fire safe also includes a removable shelf and pul-out tray, as well as anchor bolts should you desire to mount the safe (a good option, as the safe can be carried away).

If its documents, media, computer information and other related valuables you want to keep protected and secure, then you might stand to benefit from he security of a Brink’s 5040 1 Hour UL Listed Molded Media Safe. This fireproof safe is designed to store all forms of media: CDs & DVDs, film, videos, papers and cassette tapes. The specially constructed safe maintains a steady internal temperature that will keep your media from being ruined, even during a fire burning up to 1550 degrees for one hour.

With .15 cubic feet of available storage, Brink’s Molded Media Safe includes a steel latch, key lock, and internal hinge, and can be set upon a handy detachable cart for easy portability.

The Zurich Laptop, Office and Hotel Safe is a portable safe with electronic locking mechanism, utilizing separate master and user codes. Built extra-strong, the Zurich Safe is excellent for storing valuables in your office or hotel, easily accommodating your security needs when traveling.

The Zurich Laptop, Office and Hotel Safe has a storage capacity of approximately 7.5″ high x 16.5″ wide x 11.8″ deep. It can also be mounted if desired.

For simple, old-fashioned, solid security, the SENV360 SAFE provides protection from thievery but not from fire. But it features a larger storage capacity than other similar safes, a full .9 cubic feet, and extra secure locking mechanisms: two live-locking bolts, an electronic locking system and key, and concealed hinges. A removable shelf is also included, and at a weight of almost 45 pounds, a burglar will think twice before attempting to carry it away, though mounting is recommended.

Sentry Safe produces a large line of safes for home and office security, featuring fireproof safes, security chests for media, and wall safes. Many of the safes by Sentry Safe feature a larger storage capacity and greater security thanks to sturdy steel construction and combination locking mechanisms.

Sentry Safes provide peace of mind, versatility, and storage, and a number of safes to meet your specific needs. As the world’s leading supplier of fire-resistant safes and security safes and containers, any safe by sentry is sure to be able to provide you with the security you need.

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