Top Luxury Hot Tubs for Your Home

You can enjoy a wonderful spa experience at home with the selection of the perfect luxury hot tub! Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor experience, today’s brands, features, and attributes provide luxury amenities including LED lights, super jets and bubbling water, hidden towel warmers, headrests, and customizable television and DVD players. You don’t have to leave home to enjoy a full-fledged luxury spa experience, and can incorporate music, candles, and aromatherapy oils to your bath for true relaxation.

Families and friends can meet for a fun and relaxing hot tub experience, with many of today’s hot tubs large enough to accommodate up to eight people. You can build a pavilion-style gazebo for your outdoor tub, or install one as the main feature of your bathroom. Whatever your choice may be, you’ll know that a luxury hot tub will bring a well-deserved rest and recharge for your busy day and tense muscles.

Outdoor hot tubs have the benefits of enjoying the fresh air, and depending on your location, can be a comfortable getaway right in your back yard! If these are covered, you can enjoy this healthful break year-round. Indoor hot tubs give you the peace and serenity of home, and can be a great addition to a private bathroom and retreat from the cares of the world.

Here are just five of the many top luxury hot tubs available today:

1. Hydropool Industries

Hydropool Industries specializes in both residential and commercial hot tubs, and offers a wide selection of uniquely designed, contemporary spa-style hot tubs. The self-cleaning system ensures that water goes in and out every 15 minutes, and these easy-to-maintain tubs provide seating spaces for up to 8 people. The line of Serenity Hot Tubs features specialized Hydrotherapy choices, and the special edition features 30 Versa Massage Hydrotherapy Jets.

2. Sundance Spas

Sundance Spas are available in an 800, 700, and 680 series depending on size and design requests. These beautiful hot tubs provide hydrotherapy at its finest, with offerings of in-ground spas as well. Lounge seats, ComforTone headrests, and a unique SunScents Aromatherapy technology are just a few of the brand’s specialty features. The SunScents Aromatherapy feature infuses scented beads and aromatic bubbles into the water, creating an instant aromatherapy experience! The oversized whirlpool jets offer both back and leg massages powerful enough to imitate a ‘real’ massage.

3. Caldera Spas

Caldera spas are energy-efficient, sleek and stylish. You can choose from a distinct set of whirlpools and hot tubs that incorporate hydromassage jets and enhancing accessories. Top choices include the Niagara, Tahitian, Martinique, and Elation.

The Niagara offers 47 total hydro-massage jets, with 6 Euro and 2 VersaSsage jets on the LumbarSsage seats, one whirlpool jet, and an Advent control system.
The Tahitian includes 45 total jets, including 18 Euro jets with a neck massage system, LumbarSsage seating, Sole Soothers, and VersaSsage jet systems.
The Martinique offers a sleek and compact alternative with 30 total massage jets, an EnergyPro heating system, and 2 MagnaSsage premium jets on the seating areas.
The Elation offers 43 total hydromassage jets, with 4 Euro and 2 VersaSsage Jets o the seats, , 2 sets of Sole Soother jets, and one Euphoria jet.

All models offer upgrades and accessories including gazebos, jet kits, and water quality products.

4. ThermoSpas, Inc.

Thermospas offers factory-direct pricing, and a wide range of exclusively designed hot tubs and fxtures. Thermo Spas have up to 160 jets, and include varieties with wave massage motion, independent hot tub controls for each seated guest, and a special Thermo-Filtration system to keep the water clean. The super-quiet bubbling system is another great advantage, and offers a computerized air-cleaning system. Some top choices are the Lexington, Concord, and Park Avenue:

The Lexington is a 3-person tub that is compact and protable with upgrades such as a light-up towel bar and deep therapy seating available.
The Concord is a 4-person tub that provides comfortable accommodation and all standard features.
The Park Avenue is a 5-person tub that offers customizable additions including g side bar, in-spa drink cooler, and hydrotherapy jet upgrades.

5. Dimenson One Spas

Dimenson One spas offer exclusive customizations, and offers a series of lines: The Aquatic Fitness System that helps to tone and shape the body while relaxing; the Bay Collection offers water, light, and sound enhancements; the Reflections showcase hydronomic design; and the @Home line offers fun features and amenities for the whole family.

When selecting the luxury hot tub of your dreams, do take the time to research and find out the specific upgrades, customizations, and design ideas that are possible. You’ll be surprised at today’s selection and innovative ideas that can make the spa at home experience almost as good as a real massage or visit to a spa! You’ll greatly value the serenity of deep relaxation within your own home, and be well rested and prepared for your busy days ahead.

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