Top Professional Video Cameras

Purchasing a camcorder is using a very big decision. When you are using your camcorder for your video business then that decision is even more important. When you plan on using your camcorder professionally with your business, you need to make sure that the camera is going to give you the best quality video possible so both you and your clients are happy. Here are a few of the best cameras on the market for small video businesses. Each of these cameras is better than your standard consumer camera, while not the most expensive on the market.

Canon GL2

Canons GL2 is one of the best cameras to get when you have just started considering to purchase a 3CCD camcorder. As 3CCD camcorders go, the GL2 is inexpensive while providing you with superior video quality. You have the ability to purchase different lenses to attach to the front of the camera depending on what your video taping situation is. The camera has a profession Canon Fluorite lens, giving your picture an amazing quality usually only found in cameras twice the price. The camera allows for the attachment of an external microphone, as well as several other lighting and video features that make it an excellent choice for an up and coming professional, or a video savvy consumer who wants to make high quality home videos.

Canon XL2

Canons XL2 is used by a variety of different professionals, and has even been used to shoot several feature films. The camera gives professionals the flexibility to add different filters and lenses to the camera, and offers all of the features that you might find on a more expensive professional grade camera at half the price. With the ability to change your filters, lighting, f-stop and more the canon XL2 is almost like operating a SLR still camera with the all the creative options you are given. Beyond all of its manual options the XL2 also offers consumers several pre-set lighting choices and menu options that can make going automatic with the camera look just as good as if you corrected the settings manually, in some cases a lot better. This is a very easy to use professional grade camera that leaves you with some amazing video results.

Sony HD-1080i HDR-FX1

Sony was the first manufacturer to offer a HD camcorder for small video professionals. Their HD camcorder allows you to shoot your video in high definition, the best video quality available on the market today. While HD camcorders are a bit more expensive than the traditional 3 CCD camcorder you can see a marked difference in the quality of video you get from an HD camcorder vs. a standard definition camcorder. Sony’s HD camcorder shoots in high definition at 1080 lines of resolution and sixty frames per second, a traditional camcorder would shoot at only thirty frames per second.. With the camera you can record both an HD as well as a standard definition signal, so should you want standard definition video you would be able to shoot it. This is really an excellent camera, and a glimpse into where camcorder technology is going in the future. If you are a small business owner, and can afford it , purchasing a HD camcorder now can be a good investment into your future.

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