Top Seven Tips to Make Your Home Sell Quickly

In today’s market, it takes know-how to get your house to sell, let alone to get your home to sell quickly! Learn the top seven tips to follow before you put your home on the market or even contact a real estate agent.

Freshen up your home. It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for your home. When you are painting for the purpose of selling your home, it is a good idea to go for lighter or neutral colors. Not only will this make your walls look better, but it will also make your rooms look bigger. If your carpet is well-worn, you might look into how the costs to replace it, even with a cheap, but clean, replacement.

Trim-up the outside of your home. The first thing people see about your house is the outside. In fact, it is the outside that determines if they even want to see the inside. A couple of ways to make the outside appealing is to keep the grass neatly trimmed and the trees and shrubs pruned. This will help your yard look nice and healthy. If you want to go that extra step, edge your yard for a well-manicured look. Everyone likes to see their potential yard looking its very best.

Take the time to fix-up the inside (and outside). First, walk through your home as if you were a buyer. What are some of the things that you notice? Do you notice the ten nail holes left from finding the “perfect spot” to hang your mirror? Do you notice the crack in the wall that you have not had time to repair? Like many of us, life gets too busy to repair every little thing and that is okay…while you are living in the home. Even if you are able to look past the cracks and holes, potential buyers may not be as forgiving. Take the time now to repair any cracks, nail holes, etc. (and not just the visible ones) before you try to sell your home. In addition, replace any burnt-out light bulbs that need attention.

Evaluate your furniture and your space. The most important thing is to make sure that your furniture is proportional to your room size. If your room size is small, use a minimal amount of furniture for display. Too much furniture can make the room look smaller than it really is and can also hinder a buyer’s ability to picture the room with their furniture in it.

Make every room in your home clutter-free. When you want to sell your home quickly, you have to understand that no space will go unviewed. This means you must organize and clean all closets, storage areas, pantries, cabinets, etc. If your bookshelves (or any other shelves) are over-flowing, store some of the items until you move. You should also remove any extra items if your kitchen counter appears cluttered. Only keep the appliances that you use daily or that are decorative. Your un-cluttering tactics might include renting a storage space until you sell your home.

Make your home plant-friendly. Plants always add a special, decorative touch to your home, both inside and out. One tip is to plant seasonal flowers outside to add quick and easy curb appeal to your home. You can also purchase a few house plants to place around your home. Plants are a great way to brighten up a space and make it seem nurturing.

Be un-emotional about selling your home. For whatever reason, you need to sell your home; and you hope to do it quickly. After all, the longer your home sits on the market, the less chance you will sell it for the price that you want. To help your home sell quickly, take your emotions out of the picture. When trying to sell your home, keep in mind that everything you do to get your home ready to list for sale is for someone else and not yourself.

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