Top Skin Care Products Under $20

It’s safe to say that I obsess over skin care. Pimples and acne gross me out and I do everything I can to stop them. As such I’ve used a lot of skin care products over the years. Here are some of my favorites and ones I would definitely recommend to my friends.

Clean and Clear’s “Deep Action Cream Cleanser” is by far my favorite face wash. I hate skin blemishes and get rid of them as quickly as I can. As I said, I’ve used a lot of face wash products. Clean and clear is a thicker cream, not a gel like other washes and there are no beads in it. The minute you apply it you feel it working. It tingles and wakes up your face. Once it’s rinsed off your face doesn’t feel any residue or after-wash oil it just feels clean. The product does what it says it does, a novel idea, I know. I especially enjoy using it after a workout. My face is red, hot and sweaty. The cream feels cool against my hot skin and clears the residue my face just got from an hour in the gym. I don’t have to worry about acne.

Biore makes a wonderful self-heating mask. It warms up once it touches water and your skin. You feel it warm as you apply and then once it cools you rinse it off. I usually follow this up with an astringent to really get into my pores and kill bacteria that causes blackheads. Sometimes masks can almost seem too hot, not so with this one. It is sometimes hard to rinse all of the cream off if you’re using a sink and not the shower, but the extra work is well worth it.

Clearasil’s acne vanishing cream gets great results. It comes in a tinted and an invisible product. As someone who is fair-skinned, I’ve always gone with the invisible out of fear that anything tinted will be obvious. It also comes in an “ultra” version that guarantees results in three days. I have only ever used the standard version. It can dry the skin, which is necessary to get rid of oil, but also can be bad if it dries too much. I usually keep a face moisturizer handy. One of the best things about this leave-on treatment that I noticed immediately is that it reduces redness. My mom told me not to touch my pimples, but I’ve always been a popper. I think it gets the job done, but it also causes a lot of redness and irritation. This cream definitely reduces the redness.

Once a week I use Queen Helene Mint Julep Face Masque. It’s a very thick, green cream. I love applying it because it leaves a green mask like I see in all the movies where there’s a surprise encounter and the person’s embarrassed about their appearance. It has a great mint smell and doesn’t take too long to dry. You can tell when it dries because it hardens and goes from dark green to light green. I only use it once a week because it does dry out the skin, like all masks do. You might be able to use it more than once a week, but I’ve never tried.

All of this face washing dries out the skin. It doesn’t take a dermatologist to know that. I use Neutrogena’s oil-free moisturizing cream, specifically the one for combination skin. It’s extremely light and non-greasy so I tend to use it a lot. And a little goes a long way, I bought the four-ounce bottle over a year ago and I’m still using it pretty religiously. I put it on before I apply makeup and after I’ve given my skin a good work out with washing.

My ideal skin regimen consists of Clean and Clear’s deep rinsing cream every night, Clearasil’s acne vanishing cream whenever I have noticeable pimples or blemishes, Queen Helene Face Masque once a week. I also use Neutrogena’s cream moisturizer when my face gets too dry from all this and Biore’s warming blackhead cream a few times a week. I have never had an acne problem. It may be genetics or my obsession with face wash. I actually get excited when I see anew face wash on the market. However, I don’t have a lot of money to spend, so I tend to use major brand or generic (no high-end stuff here) from target or a drug store. I’ve never paid over $20 for an acne treating product. It doesn’t take money to have a clear face, just commitment and some really good products.

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