Top Surge Protector for Under $20

My Belkin Surgemaster provides me with much needed safety and security regarding my computer and data needs. It has been very efficient, reliable, and extremely durable throughout the time I have used it. Plus, the cost is fantastically low for what it offers. I believe my Belkin Surgemaster is the surge protector best around for under $20..

My Belkin Surgemaster has lasted throughout many lightning storms and power outages. It also has been great during ‘brown outs’. It provides me with much needed reassurance regarding my computer system. It is guaranteed to protect my system from lightning, spikes, noises, and surges. My system includes for fax and modem. My Belkin Surgemaster has yet to let me down.

Other safety features on my Belkin Surgemaster include a fail safe shutoff. I have experienced severe thunderstorms where this has come in handy. This is another reason I feel it’s the best surge protector for under $20.

My Belkin Surgemaster hasa lifetime warranty. That was part of the reason I bought it. I had been familiar with low-priced surge protectors before that gave out easily. For the low cost of my Belkin Surgemaster, it is amazing to me how durable it is.

That leads me to the cost. At first glance, the Belkin Surgemaster is lower-priced than many other brands. I thought that meant it was not as competent as the others. I was wrong. My Belkin Surgemaster is a fantastic deal for the price.

Another feature about my Belkin Surgemaster that I like is the fact I can plug in multiple appliances into it. My Belkin Surgemaster has 6 outlets that accept both three-prong connections and two-prong connections. It also has two telephone jacks (usually used for fax/modems) available.

The drawback to my Belkin Surgemaster is the fact that it can be cramped with all the outlets filled. For instance, the two open telephone inputs are partially covered now. So, I would have to remove one of my other device plug-ins to use the phone inputs.

I like the fact that my Belkin Surgemaster has a red flashing light when it is operating. That is also known as the Master On/Off switch. It is very easy to see.

My Belkin Surgemaster is a compact size. It measures about 3″ by 8″. I like the fact it does not take up much room on my desktop.

Overall, my Belkin Surgemaster is so reliable and durable, I do not worry about my system during any inclement weather. That is a very pleasant and comforting feeling to have. I highly recommend my Belkin Surgemaster. For the price, durability, and safety, it simply cannot be beat.

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