Top Ten Alan Jackson Songs

Many men claim they would not be where they are today without their wife. For country singer Alan Jackson, this is more than a cliche, it holds truth. Alan Jackson got his first major connection through his wife Denise who was a airline stewardess. Denise had met Glen Campbell on a flight and received a business card to Glen Campbell’s publishing company. Within a few years, Alan and Denise were living in Nashville and embarking on the journey of success. I have always liked Alan Jackson’s music. Here are 10 of my favorite songs by him.

1. I’ll Try- A nice ballad about a man and a woman planning a future together and the promises he is making her. This would be a great wedding song. It is on his Greatest Hits album. Just a overall feel good song.

2. Wanted- Another ballad about a man placing a classified ad trying to win back the woman he lost. It is on Alan’s Here In The Real World Album. This song received alot of play on the radio in the early 1990’s.

3. Chattahoochee- I have always liked this song because it was just plain fun to say Chattahoochee. it is a nice coming of age song that takes you back to summertimes spent at the local lake or river. It was on Alan Jackson’s second album.

4. Tall Tall Trees- This is another song that is fun. My mom dated a musician back in the day and he used to sing this song to her. I always thought it was corny when he sang to her. Everytime I hear this song I think of that and just die laughing. It is on The Greatest Hits Collection as well.

5. I Don’t Even Know Your Name- This song is yet another fun song. It also teaches us the lesson that we really should try to control our drinking or face the wrath of waking up married next to someone who is missing teeth. It is on the album Who I am.

6. Drive- A feel good song about remembering the times the guy in the song spent learning to drive with his dad. It also takes us full circle with the character driving with his daughters. It is on the album Drive.

7. It’s Five O’clock Somewhere- A true anthem for those of us who have had a bad morning at work and need to take the rest of the day off to devote to drinking. This song is alot of fun. It also made me feel better when taking a mental health afternoon at the local watering hole. It is on the Greatest Hits Volume 2.

8. Pop A Top- Another great drinking song of a man trying to get over the woman who left him. My favorite part of the song is the sound of the opening of the beer bottles. This song is on the Under The Influence Album.

9. Little Man- This song has depicts the tale of many hard working independent business owners, who have been pushed out by large national chains. This is something that my small town along with many others have been going through. This song really made me think about the purchases that I make and how it affects the people in my town when I choose to go out of town and go to a national chain. It is on the High Milage Album,

10. Where Were You- This song brings chills to my spine everytime I hear it, as it questions what you were doing on September 11th 2001.This song was in constant rotation when released. This is one of the most powerful songs in country music and is the most powerful songs Alan Jackson has performed. The song was so popular that South Park included a parody of this song and Alan Jackson in a episode where the boys were building a ladder to go see thier friend Kenny.

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