Top Ten Freelance Writing Info Blogs

As a new freelance writer, I am on a continuous hunt to find writing advice, job opportunities and personal stories from experienced writers that have been in the field of freelancing for several years. Besides websites, I have run across lots of resources and information within the blogging community. There are literally thousands of ways to find information on becoming a freelance writing professional. There are books that range anywhere from $10-50, pamphlets and brochures for sale via PDF format, and associations to join that all offer the same thing: How To Become A Successful Writer and other related information.

Luckily, for frugal people such as myself, there are professional writers who thought it would be a good idea to share their jewels of wisdom via blogging, for free. Whether or not someone is paying these kind folk to blog or not, it is “on the house” and can be a very valuable source.

Below is a list of ten blogs that have a variety of information for all writers regardless of experience.

1. www.TheGoldenPencil.Com that uses the slogan, “The Freelance Writer’s Resource” is a site run by a writer named Anne Wayman. The blog lists the infamous 31 Days of Freelancing Tips, which are tips that are written by Anne, and a host of other writers that were invited to share their advice. Anne also posts freelance writing jobs on a weekly basis that can be received by email upon request.

2. www.FreelanceWriting.Com/Blog is published by Brian Scott and offers a listing of freelance writing work tips on how to find work and articles that offer business and writing advice.

3. www.Freelancesteps.Blogspot.Com is a blog dedicated to finding writing jobs and listing them daily.

4. www.EwriteLife.Com run by Shani Coggins gives a great amount of tips on Creative writing. The blog has special features such as a Story Planning Worksheet and a Character Planning Worksheet. She also has tips on finding ideas and interviews on other writers. Visitors can sign up to receive a weekly newsletter as well.

5. www.Inkygirl.Com is a blog that is maintained by a comic strip artist named Debbie Ohi who “Will Write For Chocolate”, which is the name of her comic strip, which is comedy, based on her life as a freelance writer. She lists writing jobs and has links to other bloggers that also write about freelance writing.

6. www.Poewar.Com, which is published by John Hewitt, is an informational site for a writers and it offers news, articles and writing opportunities. He offers advice on character creation as well as writing exercises to improve your writing. He even has a glossary of writing careers posted to the blog.

7. www.Squidoo.Com/WritingCoach published by Lisa Taylor Huff that offers a variety of resources including books and articles. And if you are finally ready to write that book after all this time, this is the blog you need to visit.

8. www.Squidoo.Com/FreelanceInspiration is a blog maintained by Sharon Hurley Hall who is a writer for www.InspiredAuthor.Com. She lists writer’s markets and basic tips for becoming a freelance writing professional.

9. www.Squidoo.Com/HappyandSuccessfulAuthor published by a best selling author named Ann Douglass. This blog has a special feature called, “9-Step Plan to Becoming A Successful Author” which includes tips such as having a plan, defining your own success, investing in yourself, and finding a niche.

10. www.Squidoo.Com/FreelanceNiche is a blog run by Rebecca Thomas that offers freelancing tips and advice. She also posted links to other freelance writing advice websites and blogs.

These are just a few that provide a day full of advice, tips and job opportunities for all writers wishing to brush up, maintain or start a writing career.

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