Top Ten Metal Songs

The past twenty years have proven to be an enormous change for the metal scene. An advancement in the popularity of the genre has brought about both positive and negative effects. The worst outcome being the division of the fans and people to one particular style or genre, opposed to just an overal appreciation for the adrenaline filled type of music. The style of heavy metal has changed over time, but the same ideas are still behind the riffs of current day hardcore or metalcore bands as well. The rise of new and talented bands over time has made for a great appreciation for the genre itself. Bands such as Atreyu and Between the buried and me best display these ideas.

It is truly certain that without the likes of it’s founders, metal wouldn’t be what it is today. Bands such as Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judist Priest, Metallica and Motorhead helped, and continue to help to pave the way for many upcoming and inspiring metal bands. The metal band Trivium still chooses to pay homage to Metallica at their concerts by playing their version of “Master of Puppets.” Even the well-known hardcore band Between the Buried and me just released a cd of just cover songs that include covers of bands such as Motley Crue, Queen, and Sepultura. Listed below is the top ten heavy metal songs from a musicians point of view.

10.) “94 hours “-As I Lay Dying (2003)

A very well written song by an already popular new hardcore band. The most impressive point of the song that put it on the list would be the amazing double bass that occurs near the end of the song. As i lay Dying is well known for their heavy and off-beat breakdowns which are heavily accented by their relentless drummer, Jordan Mancino.

9.) “The encounter”-Evergrey (2001)

The guitar riffs in this song are amazing. This band has an amazing way of tying in the keyboard to fit the guitar riffs so well. Most of the bands songs old, and new are very well made and have alot of hard spent time behind them. This band’s old age style with new music is well respected by many people.

8.) “Blackened”-Metallica (1990)

Metalheads agree, blackened is a shining example of what really defines Metal. The relentless speed picking and heavy thrash sound in this song displays the earlier works of Metallica, and is respected greatly by many guitar players.

7.)”Symphony of Destruction”-Megadeth (1992)

Grungy, heavy, a song name with “destruction” right in it; every perfect aspect for a metal song. Both Metallica and Megadeth contributed so much to their period of time, both deserving much credit. Make no mistake that the two bands are still very different and had two different sounds. This is just one of many songs by Megadeth that were taken into deep consideration for this list. The overall winning factor in this song would be the well constructed guitar solo in the end.

6.)”You got another thing commin”-Judast Priest (1982)

These guys have been around so long, it was just unfathomable to not include them in the list. This band really lead out the British influence in early heavy metal, and found a truly unique and powerful sound. The combination of their two guitarists, and the creativity of Priest’s drummer make for a very deep and heavy sound.

5.)” World so cold”-Mudvayne (2002)

With Ampifiers Roaring, and Double bass cranking, Mudvayne is truly a great and talented new style metal band. Though many of their previous songs are very tempting to be added to the list, “World so Cold” is something to be specially mentioned. Not only does this song kick in strong with a steady and heavy bottom-end sound that Mudvayne has perfected over the years, but includes an unbelievable build up in the end and an ultra-fast paced lyrical rampage in the end. This song is filled with so much heart, no one can deny it’s place on the list.

4.)”Bid Farewell”-Killswitch Engage (2004)

Although still new, Killswitch Engage has caught the attention of a wide variety of musicians and metal fans alike. They continue to find a commonground of melody in their metal/hardcore style. The combination of the lead singer’s transitions of screaming and singing makes for full and powerful songs. Any true Ozzfest fan will tell you, it is a truly unique experience in the pit at a Killswitch show. Their ability to build up and slow down breakdowns is a gift shared throughout the band and the fans. “Bid Farewell”, is a metal masterpiece that no one will be sitting down listening to.

3.)”The quiet place”-In Flames (2004)

Influenced by the metal legends Black Sabboth and Iron Maiden, A powerful and ground-breaking song by a growing popular metal band from sweden. In Flames’ “The quiet place” showcases a variety of different sounds that arn’t exactly typical in today’s metal. The use of creative effects on the guitar used in this song and some of the signiture drum fills really make this a metal song worthy of recognition.

2.)”Selkies: the Endless Obsession”-Between the Buried and me (2005)

By far, one of the most chaotic and inspiring metal/hardcore bands of today. BTBAM offers the full range of sound in metal that brings out every aspect of what metal is and has been. The use of the Keyboard and it’s hand in hand harmony with the guitar on the opening part of this song is gripping in the first few seconds. This song has so many different transitions that tie the song together ranging from sounds of deep aggression to the most relaxing and beautiful guitar solo that leads to another transition. No other new Metal band today covers such a wide sprectrum of sound that BTBAM is able to accomplish.

1.)”Cemetary Gates”-Pantera (1990)
Number one is an absolute tribute to the best metal guitarist ever. Diamond Darrell pulled guitar riffs like no one else; this song is absolutely one of the greatest works of Pantera. “Cemetery Gates”, was a landmark in metal that was felt by everyone who listened. It opened doors and left no question as to who Pantera was in the late 90’s. Pantera will always be known for their amazing shows and the accomplishments of the late Diamond Darell who died doing what he loved.

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