Top Ten Songs by Alkaline Trio

Here are the Top Ten songs of the band from Chicago, Illinois:

10. You’ve Got So Far To Go (from the album “Maybe I’ll Catch Fire”)

A simple yet sweet baseline opens this track, introducing the drums shortly thereafter. And when it comes time for the chorus, then bring in the strings. It seems like a step-by-step book on how to make a song. But somewhere in there needs to be the passion and desire which appears bottled up here, only to burst out in the final seconds of the track. That’s what makes this band so good. They have an ability to make a mild song seem so complicatedâÂ?¦and on top of that, they add a hint of darkness.

9. Nose Over Tail (“Alkaline Trio”, “Goddamnit!”)

In singer/songwriter Matt Skiba’s lyrics, he often makes correlations that are found nowhere else. Case in pointâÂ?¦this track. It’s about a love, and what that love means. Skiba could have taken the easy road and merely jotted down the words “I love you” for the chorus, but that would be old hat. Instead, he uses some of the cleverest analogies ever sung. For instance, “Your voice like the sound of sirens to a house on fireâÂ?¦you’re saving me.” This song has an incredible pace to it, along with a nice 75 second jam out the end.

8. Emma (“Good Mourning”)

All around, a very sound song. Bassist Dan Andriano leads this one, as he does on six of my Top Ten. Overall, I like guitarist Matt Skiba’s vocals slightly better, but Andriano has a terrific, desperate sounding voice which I think compliments a lot of the moods they’re looking for as a band. In this song, Andriano keeps his vocals pretty straight-laced, but what really makes it special is Skiba’s background shouts during the chorus.

7. ’97 (“Alkaline Trio”)

Often played as their last song during live shows, this is a cult favorite. This is truly one hell of a piece of musical art. The emotion brought out by Skiba is amazing, and really brings you into the pain and suffering he was feeling when he wrote this. Just like a normal life, this song has its ups and downs, and they really do an excellent job at making you feel that.

6. Smoke (“Crimson”)

The newest song on the list, this track appears as the closer on their latest release, “Crimson”. It’s an excellent use of background synthesizer, with the most prominent instrument striking your ears being Derek Grant’s smooth drumbeats guiding you right through. The first time I heard this song I knew it was my favorite track on this CD, but it even continued to grow from there. Chalk this up as one of the most mature songs they’ve ever written.

5. Cringe (“Goddamnit!”)

A quick, two and a half minute opening track that really grabs you by the goods. Ingenious lyrics once again, and a tempo like none other. It’s another song that ends with a long jam out that makes you want to learn how to play the drums immediately.

4. Bleeder (“Alkaline Trio”)

This track is a beautifully written song about a busted relationship, and being on the bad end of the stick. The chorus hits on one of the aforementioned themes of the Alkaline Trio with Skiba slurring “a lonely liver suspended in liquid.” This song drives on raw depression, and while listening to it, you actually feel a bit depressed tooâÂ?¦all the more complimenting this band’s songwriting capabilities.

3. Take Lots With Alcohol (“From Here To Infirmary”)

What initially drew me into this song is the amazing drumming by then percussionist Mike Felumlee. What pulled me in even closer was Andriano vocal performance mixed with the speedy chorus. It sounds like you’re sitting in at one of their rehearsals and they’re just going crazy, seeing what they can put together. What came of it was one hell of a Trio song, and a tune one of a kind.

2. She Took Him To The Lake (“Maybe I’ll Catch Fire”)

This song is the greatest “story song” ever put together. The music is terrific, but what makes this song so special and intriguing is Andriano’s lyrics and performance. It’s a young love story about a boy who falls for a girl quickly, probably too quick. Everything felt right until the girl he loved disappeared, and your heart breaks for this kid. The final lyric is one of my favorites of all time, and it really sums up the tone to this broken heart. Andriano ends with “âÂ?¦but then she away and she’s not coming back, and I’m pretty sure that boy’s staying in tonight.”

1. Crawl (“From Here To Infirmary”)

Here’s another tale about sorrows and the mission to drown them. You feel intoxicated just listening to this track, because it does a superb job of bringing you down in an unintentional focus, only to break free and being to not really think at all. This song seems 10 times more complex then it sounds. It’s hiding words behind words, behind more words, with the music running right along. Then when it all comes together, it sounds perfect.

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