Top Ten Songs by Charlie Daniels

1. The Devil Went Down To Georgia. It’s a song about a man who takes up the devil’s challenge of a fiddlin’ duel. If he wins, he gets a golden fiddle. If he loses, the devil gets his soul. It features some great fiddle solos and a great story. This song is more than a country hit – it’s the kind of song that are icons of a generation. Even people who don’t listen to country probably have at least heard this one.

2. Drinkin’ My Baby Goodbye. It’s one of the best drinking songs ever recorded. Even though it’s an older song now, it’s still regularly played in honky tonks and drinkers every where raise their glasses high when this one comes on. It’s up-tempo and it just makes you feel good, especially if you are drinking to forget a special someone.

3. Long Haired Country Boy. Are you a country boy?: Are you proud of it? Charlie Daniels is! This is a song for anyone who has been criticized and ridiculed for wearing their hair too long. Charlie Daniels is telling the world to just leave this long haired country boy alone. Like all of Charlie Daniels songs, it features some great fiddle-playing. After Charlie Daniels became a Christian, he re-released this song as a duet with Hal Ketchum and John Berry and changed some of the lyrics to eliminate some drug references.

4. Ain’t No Rag, It’s The Flag. This is one of Charlie Daniels post-9/11 songs. It captures how practically every American felt after the attacks. It’s a mix of pride, anger and even a call for revenge. After seeing the footage of the attacks, is there really anyone who didn’t want America to fight back? These lyrics hit their mark. “You’ve been acting mighty rash/And talking that trash/Let me give you some advice/You can crawl back in your hole/Like a dirty little mole/ But now you’re gonna pay the price/ You might of shot us in the back/ Now you have to face the fact/ That the big boys’ in the game/ And the lightning’s been flashing/ And the thunder’s been crashing/ And now it’s getting ready to rain”.

5. The Legend of Wooley Swamp. It’s a classic. That’s all that can be said about this one.

6. South’s Gonna Do It Again. It’s just a fun song. Fans of Charlie Daniels have been cranking up this one for years.

7. Simple Man. Being a simple man isn’t always been a term used in a positive light. That’s not the case this time around. Charlie Daniels is proud to be a simple man and he echoes how he feels about some of the things going on in society. It’s not anywhere near politically correct, but Charlie Daniels doesn’t claim to be PC. “As far as I’m concerned there ain’t no excuse/For the raping and the killing and the child abuse/And I’ve got a way to put and end to all that mess/You just take those rascals out in the swamp/Put them on their knees and tie ’em to a stump/And let the rattlers and the bugs and the alligators do the rest”

8. Still In Saigon. Charlie Daniels has always been a rebel at heart and this song shows some of his view on the Vietnam War. It may not be any more politically correct today as it was when it was first recorded, but it is real. That’s why it

9. In America. This is one of those timeless songs that shows American pride. It was re-release after the September 11 terrorist attacks and exactly fit the mindset of America. It’s one of those songs that make you truly proud to be an America and reaffirms how lucky we really are to live “In America.”

10. Texas. This is one of Charlie Daniels’ most recent songs. Owning his own record label has really agreed with him. It contains the same elements that made his earlier work hits, especially his trademark fiddle solos.

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