Top Ten Songs by Edwin McCain

Like Natalie Merchant, Edwin McCain is not just a singer/songwriter, he’s a story teller. Despite his rough exterior, his music appeals to us all with a down to earth charm. Although his religious affiliation was a little ambiguous at first, it is clear now that his musical intentions were of a Christian nature (with an overt song called “Jesus, He Loves Me” on his Far From Over album). So without further ado, here are my top ten songs by Edwin McCain.

10.I’ll Be – Messenger

The original version of this song, which sports electric guitars, is found on his Misguided Roses album. However, he did an even better adaptation in acoustic on Messenger. The finger picking gives the sound of rain falling and showcases his gravely sentiment with that hometown simplicity you’ve come to expect from McCain.

9. Sun Will Rise -Far From Over

I’m pretty sure this song was on a commercial for some type of theme park, and appropriately so. The chorus has the feeling of glee that a roller coaster affords, and you can’t beat the racing guitars and percussion on this one.

8. Far From Over-Far From Over

The wavering introduction and fast-moving tune give the perfect compliment to McCain’s story-telling in this title track.

7.Hearts Fall-Far From Over

This is probably Edwin’s softest song yet. He makes his voice almost gentle as he sings, “God don’t let me break her heart.” The tale here is the meeting of a faithful woman and his obstinately rough exterior. You get the feeling that he knows what a relationship is all about in this one.

6.Alive-Honor Among Thieves

You get the sense of a small town environment in “Alive.” McCain assures us that we can take the ‘good and the bad/ and the time in between’ because it lets us know we are ‘alive.’ The woodwinds in the chorus are a nice touch.

5.I Could Not Ask for More-Messenger

When Edwin McCain does write a love song, he puts his heart into it, and “I Could Not Ask for More” is no exception. It’s not a lazy love song as you might expect; Edwin gives us a clearly rock song, with strong vocals, and a very committed dialogue. It makes you feel all warm and tingly inside.

4.Beautiful Life-Messenger

“Beautiful Life” is one of those life-affirming songs that will put you in a good mood. The lyrics are written from the eyes of a jaded observer, which is vintage McCain.

3.Promise of You-Messenger

This is not exactly a ballad, but is definitely a little softer than most of his songs. I think it showcases his versatile style, with a deeper side to his scratchy vocals. It is not a love song, but a song about finding peace in God. With lyrics such as, “the promise of you sleeps in the air/ the air that I breatheâÂ?¦and all this time you’re the peace that I’ve searched for.” Although it is a bit ambiguous if you didn’t have much background on McCain’s religious beliefs, it is still a solid song of his softer side.

2. Solitude-Honor Among Thieves

This is Edwin’s first big hit, so of course it had to be at the top of the list. It is representative of his ability to tell a story within a memorable melody.

1.Anything Good About Me-Messenger

Coming in at number one is a high-energy signature song. I feel as though this song represents him the most personally. He’s rough and needs a little work, but he knows there is someone out there that still believes in him. McCain’s first album, Honor Among Thieves, has the same sentiment attached to it. The catchy chorus and raging guitars headed by McCain’s raspy vocals are Edwin at his best.

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