Top Ten Songs by Elvis

I have been a huge fan of Elvis for as long as I can remember. The first real song I remember singing was Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock”. I was probably two years old and I remember swinging my hips like Elvis. It all seems so silly now. I also thought Elvis was one of sexiest men that ever lived. It’s important to note that Elvis died 6 years before I was even born. That didn’t stop me from admiring the King of Rocking Roll though. I can’t imagine that there’s a person alive who hasn’t heard an Elvis song and doesn’t know who he is. I’m sure everyone also has very different opinions on what his best songs were, but this is my top ten list.

10. “Rubber Necking” was one of those Elvis songs that made it into the mainstream after he was gone. It was very popular a couple years back and it’s very easy to see why. This song is so upbeat the perfect example of Elvis’ staying power. The King may be dead, but he has not left the building.

9. “You’re So Square” is a song from the movie Jailhouse Rock and just listening to that song I can see Elvis swiveling his hips and curling his lip. Elvis was very sexy in this movie, but the way Elvis sang this song was beyond sexy.

8. “Clean Up Your Own Backyard” is about people complaining about the way someone is living when in reality the way they are living is just as sinful. I think this song speaks volumes about Elvis’ life. People were constantly complaining about the music Elvis sang and the moves Elvis made. More than likely most of these people were trying to get the attention off of their own wrongs.

7. “Are You Lonesome Tonight” is one of those songs that Elvis sang that made women swoon. How you wanted to pull Elvis out of his sorrow and make things right for him and this song speaks more of his sorrows than I think he meant for it to. I think that even though Elvis had thousands of women who wanted him, he was still a very lonely person.

6. “In the Ghetto” Elvis having grown up in poverty, it’s no wonder he sang this song. It’s a very powerful song and it really makes you feel sorry for the people who go through the events that Elvis sings about in this song.

5. “Viva Las Vega” another Elvis song that truly rocks. The movie was also really good. I love the line, “How I wish there were more than 24 hours in the day, but even if there were 40 more I wouldn’t sleep a minute away.” That’s how I feel.

4. “You Gave Me a Mountain” is another Elvis song that almost moves you to tears. It’s about a man who has hard an extremely rough life. First, his mother dies when he’s being born and father blames him and then his wife leaves him and takes his kids. I think we’ve all experienced a time in our lives when it feels like God has given us too much to handle and this song does a great job of explaining that feeling.

3. “Suspicious Minds” I think this a great Elvis song because it’s so true. You can’t have a relationship with someone if you don’t trust them. I think he and his wife felt this a lot in their relationship and that makes the song even more meaningful.

2. “Kentucky Rain” is a great Elvis song about a guy searching for a woman who’s left him. He’s searching all over the state of Kentucky for her and the while being in the cold Kentucky rain.

1. “Jailhouse Rock” of course this Elvis song tops my list. It’s what got me started on my whole Elvis obsession. I’ll never forget listening to this song when I was little and wanting to name my pet bird Elvis; my mom wouldn’t let me though.To me Elvis will always be the King of Rock and Roll. He forever changed music and will continue to be loved by thousands of fans the world over. Even after being gone for almost 30 years, he still manages to be played by several radio stations. Sirius satellite radio even has the all Elvis channel. The King will not be forgotten.

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