Top Ten Songs by J Moss

J Moss? Is this the latest hot spot or perhaps an island off the carribean? Neither, it’s James Moss, a native of Detroit and son of Bill Moss, Sr. of the group Bill Moss and the Celestials. This songwriter and gospel artist has produced projects by Michelle Williams (of Destiny’s Child), Trin-i-Tee 5:7, Hezekiah Walker and a host of others. J Moss is a member of PAJAM, which consist of two other producers; Paul Allen and Walter Kearney. That’s just a little background on Mr. J Moss. Now let’s get to how I discovered this new gospel sensation.

I first saw J Moss on a TBN program being hosted by Yolanda Adams this year (2006). Yolanda Adams is a gospel artist who in my mind is a gospel music industry icon. I respect her as a woman of God as well as a anointed singer, so I was excited to see her showcase some of the upcoming young gospel artist. Mr. J Moss was on the program with other gospel artist such as Mary Mary and Isreal (sans new breed). I had not heard of J Moss or seen him before so I was curious as to who this young man was and wanted to know more about his music ministry. I had recently purchased Kirk Franklin’s latest project titled “Hero” and to my delight there was a track on this CD “Could’ve Been” and it featured none other than J Moss. I enjoyed the track so much that the next day I went to a local retailer and picked up his latest CD title “The J Moss Project” on the Gospo Centric record label. Next to ministry, is my love for music, so I immediately popped his CD into my car stero and right off the bat, I could hear his Gospel Hip Hop style with “I wanna Be”. That song made be want to leap and dance and get my praise on right there in the car! Of course I couldn’t do that without being pulled over by my local law enforcement agency better known in my town as Gwinnett County’s finest, so I composed myself and limited my reaction to an occasional foot stomp and hand clap.

I have been a Radio personality for over 10 years now and some of my responsbilities have included previewing new music to add to our radio library, so I considered myself to have a pretty good ear for new talent. The J Moss project is one of the bests gospel projects I have heard. J Moss’s project has something for everyone. If you’re looking for traditional gospel, it’s in there, if you want a little R&B flavor, got it! or perhaps some hip hop, check, it’s in there! With tracks like “Don’t pray and worry”, “Livin 4” and “I wanna be” this project will meet all your diverse musical desires. Without further delay, here are my top ten picks by the Gospel industry’s newest sensation J Moss:

1. Could’ve Been – (Kirk Franklin featuring J Moss) Hero CD
2. I wanna Be – (J Moss) The J Moss Project CD
3. Don’t pray and worry (J Moss) The J Moss Project CD
4. We must praise (J Moss) The J Moss Project CD
5. Livin (J Moss) The J Moss Project CD
6. Psalm 150 (J Moss) The J Moss Project CD
7. Me again (J Moss) The J Moss Project CD
8. Work your faith (J Moss) The J Moss Project CD
9. Unto Thee (J Moss) The J Moss Project CD
10. Don’t Let (J Moss) The J Moss Project CD

It is rare to have a CD that has so many hits. Most CD’s might have a total of 4 or 5 really good tracks, but this entire CD is worth the cost of admission. J Moss’s latest CD “The J Moss Project” will have you dancing, praising and worshiping God; so my only caution would be “Don’t drive and praise”!

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