Top Ten Songs by Lenny Kravitz

Many different artists attempt to dive into various genres of music. On occasion, a few are able to transition from one type to another with little discord. However, there is one rock musician who successfully blends sensuality, soul, funk, psychedelia and authentic rock into his powerful musical presentations. Below are ten examples of how Lenny Kravitz is able to do just that�

1. “Are You Gonna Go My Way” – The title track to this 1993 phenomenal album just screams with piercing, rippling guitar effects. The rhythm pulses like an anthem. And Lenny’s delivery of lyrics is wild-yet controlled. His dancing and dreadlock slinging in the hugely popular video was right on point for the song.

2. “Fly Away” – I believe everyone in America knows by heart, the beginning guitar riffs of this song, if no other. The percussion is a choppy hip-hop influenced one, which is punctuated by a scrunchy sounding bass line. The whimsical lyrics are playful. But when executed by Lenny Kravitz, his soulful delivery lends the song a frenzied, energetic air.

3. “If You Can’t Say No” – This is perhaps my favorite song from Kravitz’ “5” album. The song, which oozes angst from a sensual perspective, is about a man who acknowledges that his woman might be tempted to cheat on him. Therefore, he says : “âÂ?¦if you can’t say no, just think about meâÂ?¦” It’s a very simple song with a basic sampled electronic loop underneath. Of course Lenny provides his strumming skills for a wistful guitar solo in the middle of the song.

4. “Thinking of You” – This is perhaps one of the sweetest songs that I have ever heard from Mr. Kravitz. “Thinking of You” was written for his deceased famous mother, Roxy Roker. The video features him dancing in front of various huge portraits of her. The lyrics are touching, and when combined with the poignant effects in the video, make for an extremely tender portrayal.

5. “American Woman” – Perhaps one of the best cover songs ever recorded, Lenny Kravitz provides his own brand of funk to The Guess Who’s original 1970 hit. Lenny’s voice literally cries over the infamous bass line. But what really makes the song work, is a freshened musical arrangement that keeps the song from sounding heavy and dated.

6. “What Goes Around Comes Around” – When I first heard this song, I happened to be enjoying a beautiful night view from a Manhattan skyscraper. The reason this moment has become branded in my head, is because of this song by Lenny Kravitz. He opens the song with extremely Curtis Mayfield-like vocals. The organ and jazzy percussion in this track epitomize the groovy, yet soulful lounge-like effect that many songs from the 1970’s had. As a matter of fact, upon first hearing the song I thought that perhaps it was a remake. This is still one of my favorite songs to this day.

7. “My Love” – Kravitz does something really sexy with his guitar riffs in this song. The percussion sounds lazy and psychedelic-while the guitar rolls over it redundantly. The simplicity of the song is pure genius. What I really love is how the song builds in intensity, until it culminates in an “excited” husky yelp from Lenny toward the end. The song feels sexual, although nothing about the lyrics or vocals is sexually overt.

8. “Eleutheria” – If you’re looking for a song to listen to whilst relaxing on a remote and sandy Bahamian beach, “Eleutheria” is the track to behold. In fact, Eleuthera (spelled without the “i”) is a Bahamian island. Lenny wrote this song in honor of the place where is maternal family hails. The song sounds incredibly tropical, with huge reggae-inspired rhythms and chunky guitar licks. Again, Lenny’s Curtis Mayfield-ness comes to the forefront while he croons about this beautiful island.

9. “Come on and Love Me” – Directly, Kravitz invites his subject to love him in this very simple, yet beautiful love song. Lenny has a penchant for keeping his lyrics straightforward. But his metaphors and other words he chooses paint lovely pictures in one’s head. This is truly one of the most tasteful and sensual songs I’ve ever heard. The funk-based percussion and instrumentation is also a major plus.

10. “Always on the Run” – Shortly after having difficulties with Lisa Bonet (his former wife), Lenny Kravitz was doing extensive touring. He was living a fast paced life, and was troubled with a lot of different personal issues. His hectic touring schedule put quite a strain on him. And as a result, he penned “Always on the Run.” It’s a frantic psychedelic sounding song which very simply details the way he was feeling at the time. His anxiety is cleverly delivered in his lyrics. And while the song has much meaning for him, the musical instrumentation itself was delightful to all listeners.

Lenny Kravitz is one of those performers who can get away with pulling off many different types of genres. He delves deeply into each genre without losing any of his own personal style. He is perhaps one of the only performers I know who can deftly recreate vintage sound without sounding dated.

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