Top Ten Songs by Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1970 in Long Island, NY. It is no surprise that she started singing and writing music from an early age. Mariah Carey had a hit single for every year of the 1990’s. Her distinctive voice and style also made her the best selling female performer of the 1990’s.

I became a Mariah Carey fan as soon as I saw her first video on MTV. I was awe struck by her vocal range and ability. My friends and I would often spend our spare time singing and lip synching to her songs. Even though we could not reach all of the high notes, we gave it our best shots. Mariah Carey and her songs became another member of our group. Her music was the soundtrack to break ups and make ups, graduations, ad countless other events in our lives. These factors make it very hard to narrow down her songs into a neatly packaged top 10 list. I have chosen songs that represent Mariah Carey in the various stages of her life and experiences. My top 10 list of Mariah Carey song is listed below.

“Vision of Love”

With this single, Mariah Carey became an instant star. The song features beautifully written lyrics plus a flawless delivery. Mariah Carey shows off her vocal range and flexibility in this ballad.

“Love Takes Time”

This is one of the greatest ballads of the 1990’s! The words are so true to life. I remember first hearing this song after a junior high school heart break. It played in my cassette player for hours as I sang along to the words. This song not only consoled me in my darkest relationship hours, it assured me that I would eventually be fine.


Mariah Carey showed that she was more than just a pretty voice with this song “Fantasy” showed off the fun and flirty side of Mariah and fueled the interest in the songstress. “Fantasy” featured rap lyricist O.D.B. of the Wu Tang Clan. This helped to greatly widen her fan base and stardom.


Who hasn’t been rejected in love? This song reassured all of us that it would be just fine and that we would eventually have the last laugh. Imagine that! We were able to handle the break ups and rejections with much more confidence because we knew what we were worth..


This song became a staple at graduations and other important ceremonies. “Hero” recognizes the courage within us all. It offers a refreshing look at the human character and spirit.

“One Sweet Day”

This duet with Boyz II Men offers comfort and a sense of understanding to anyone who has ever lost someone special. Over the years, this song has become more dear to my heart. The musical arrangement and lyrical content are warm and harmonious.

“Dream Lover”

This song serves as an affirmation of what Mr. Right needs to bring to the table! “Dream Lover” encourages you to really think about all of your options. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming. Maybe one day you’ll actually find your dream lover.

“My All”

Breaking up can be a hard thing to deal with. Your emotions are all over the place. Sometimes, it’s good to know that someone else has been there, including the great Mariah Carey. “My All” attests o the loneliness and desperation of losing love.

“I Still Believe”

In this power ballad Mariah stands up for the love that she lost. Rather than mope or whine, she reaffirms her belief that the situation will be resolved and that a successful reunion is inevitable. Is there anyone that you still believe in?

“We Belong Together”

This song was well overdue for Mariah Carey fans. “We Belong Together” featured everything about Mariah Carey that we have come to love. Not only were the lyrics and musical arrangement flawless, the delivery was very sincere. “We Belong Together” is a carefully crafted song that marks a new beginning for Mariah Carey.

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