Top Ten Songs by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is by far one of the most amazing bands in history. With dozens of albums and classic songs, everyone has heard of Pink Floyd. Any fan of Pink Floyd is a die-hard fan who will defend and praise against anyone who disagrees. The opposition is strong as well, they are a definite love them or hate them band. It is possible that the people who do not enjoy the music of Pink Floyd simply do not understand the messages they are trying to convey. It was extremely difficult to narrow the list down to the top ten Pink Floyd songs. You will notice that the songs chosen happen to be songs that are quite popular and receive airplay on the radio. While some would consider this as choosing the easy way out, these songs are by far the top ten Pink Floyd songs and this is backed up by the radio airplay and time spent on the charts. These are the top ten Pink Floyd songs. Period.

10. “Brain Damage”
The song “Brain Damage” appears on The Dark Side of the Moon Album. This song is about slipping into the depths of madness. The analogy of the dark side of the moon is equivalent to the madness. Nobody can actually see the dark side of the moon, but we all know it is there, just as we know how easy it is to slip into madness but it cannot be seen in us. Roger Waters wrote this song and chose to sing it himself on the album because he relates to it so well. The heartfelt nature of this song and how it could just as easily be any of us makes it one of the top ten songs ever by Pink Floyd.

9. “Astronomy Domine”
“Astronomy Domine” is from the very first Pink Floyd album, Piper at the Gates of Dawn. This album featured former member Syd Barrett. This song definitely outs the listener into the crazy world of Pink Floyd and up into the stars. The guitar in this song is amazing and combines with the sound effects transports the listener. Critics differ whether this album and song fits into the psychedelic or progressive rock category. This album and this song in particular is a stunning example of Pink Floyd, making it one of the top ten Pink Floyd songs.

8. “Shine on you Crazy Diamond”
“Shine on You Crazy Diamond” appears on the Wish You Were Here album. This album is said to be a tribute to Syd Barrett, an original member of Pink Floyd who became somewhat of a recluse. The stunning aspect of this song is the fact that the majority of the song has no lyrics, and the song is quite long. The instrumental is incredibly uplifting and transports the listener far away into the recesses of her own mind. When the lyrics do kick in, they are quite poignant, speaking of Syd Barrett as a star who “burned out too soon.” “Shine on You Crazy Diamond” is brilliant but under heard since most radio stations are unwilling to play such a long song where the bulk is instrumental. This song ranks in the top ten of the many incredible songs of Pink Floyd.

7. “Wish You Were Here”
“Wish You Were Here” is the title track of the album with the same name. Pink Floyd, as previously stated, wrote this album for the previous guitar player, Syd Barrett. This song is classic Pink Floyd but also suggests a hint of edging into a more popular sound. This makes the list because of the tremendous airplay this song receives. There are surely very few people who have not heard this song and cannot sing at least some of the lyrics. Wish You Were Here is one of the top ten Pink Floyd songs.

6. “Another Brick in the Wall”
There are actually three separate songs that are titled parts 1, 2, and 3. These parts are all separated on the album by several songs in between, and appear on The Wall album. Pink Floyd used The Wall to tell a complete story of the main character, Pink. It would take forever to try and explain in detail the premise of the story. Another Brick in the Wall is metaphorical, about the wall Pink is building up around himself. Most people are familiar with “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2” because it is played in rotation on most rock radio stations. The song has become somewhat of an anthem for school children where the lyrics proclaim, “We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control. No darn sarcasm in the classroom. Hey, teacher leave them kids alone.” This is one of the most recognizable Pink Floyd songs, but is rarely heard in conjunction with its counterparts. These three separate songs are by far in the top ten by Pink Floyd.

5. “On the Turning Away”
“On the Turning Away” appears on the album A Momentary Lapse of Reason. This album departs slightly from the normally melancholy and some say depressing sound of Pink Floyd. This song is musically beautiful and lyrically moving. It is about turning a blind eye to our fellow man. The message of this song is haunting and can ring true with everyone.” On the Turning Away” is absolutely one of Pink Floyd’s top ten songs.

4. “Time”
“Time” appears on The Dark Side of the Moon album and is a song that needs little explanation. Pink Floyd is discussing the pressure that time puts on everyone. The ticking sound of clocks, alarms, and even a heartbeat seemingly count down the moments in a life. This song is a race against time, a race against the sun. This is a message that everyone can relate to easily, which is not something Pink Floyd generally does. While this song does indeed make the listener think, it puts the meaning out there, rather than forcing it out of us and potentially leaving the message ambiguous as other Pink Floyd songs are. Pink Floyd eloquently stages this message, making “Time” one of the top ten Pink Floyd songs.

3. “Money”
“Money” is another straightforward song that appears on The Dark Side of the Moon album. This song is heavily in rotation on most rock radio stations. The song is clearly about someone who desires money and actually has it, but the message is more satirical in nature and Roger Waters wants to express his distaste for this type of person and lifestyle. The sound of cash registers and coins as part of the opening makes this song easily recognizable, and Roger waters makes his point quite clear. “Money” is definitely one of the top ten Pink Floyd songs.

2. “Eclipse”
“Eclipse” is another song that appears on The Dark Side of the Moon album. Roger Waters admits that this song was written simply as a conclusion to the entire album and has no real message to it. The song itself is one that stays with the listener regardless of the meaning. The words become etched into the mind. The music is simple and adds to the quality of the song. In less than true Pink Floyd fashion, this song hides and implies nothing. As a step away from the norm, this song rates in the top ten by Pink Floyd.

1. “Comfortably Numb”
“Comfortably Numb” also appears on The Wall album. For many Pink Floyd fans, this is arguably the most amazing song Pink Floyd ever recorded. The music is haunting, as are the lyrics. The song is meant to tell the story of Pink as a doctor helps him with his mental illness. While this is the literal reason for the song, it speaks to people in an entirely different manner. There are times in everyone’s lives when things get so out of control that we all but shut down. This song plays to those emotions. “Comfortably Numb” is by far the quintessential Pink Floyd song and is not only in the top ten, but reigning supreme at number one.

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