Top Ten Songs by Prince

It does not matter if he calls himself Prince or a symbol, the one thing that can’t be denied is Prince is a musical genius. This is a man that not only sings and writes his own songs, he also plays multiple instruments on his songs. I have compiled a list of what I think are the top ten songs by Prince.

The number ten song is Pop Life from the Around the World in a Day album. Pop Life talks about the pitfalls of being a celebrity. This danceable tune reached number 7 on U.S. charts.

The number nine song is Musicology off of the album with the same title. This song was basically a come back song for Prince. After not getting much radio and video airplay for the last several years, 2004’s Musicology showed that Prince could still make good music.

The number eight song is U Got the Look from the Sign of the Times album. This song was a duet with Sheena Easton. Sheila E is also the drummer on this song. It reached number two in the United States.

The number seven song is Kiss from the album Parade. This was a number one hit for Prince back in 1986. He also won a Grammy Award for Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group for this song.

The number six song is Scandalous off the Batman soundtrack. This is a romantic ballad that has music by both Prince and his father John L. Nelson. This song can definitely put a couple in a romantic mood.

The number five song is 1999 from the album with the same title. This song was release in 1982 and is one of Prince’s most popular songs. Before the turn of the new millennium this song was played on some radio stations almost non-stop. This just goes to show that Prince has enough vision to create a song that can still be popular years later.

The number four song is Little Red Corvette also from the 1999 album. Little Red Corvette was the first song by Prince to perform better on the Pop chart than the R&B chart. Prince started to appeal to a multicultural audiences after this song was released.

The number three song is Purple Rain off the album with the same title. This song is a ballad that combines rock, pop, soul, and gospel elements to it. In 1984, Purple Rain won an Oscar for Best Original Score. Some people believe that Purple Rain is about one lover apologizing to another, while others believe that Purple Rain is a metaphor for heaven.

The number two song is Let’s Go Crazy from the Purple Rain soundtrack. Let’s Go Crazy went to number one on Billboard in 1984. Prince shows off his guitar skills, with a guitar solo in the song. The song is basically about enjoying life, because you never know when it is going to end.

The number one song by Prince is When Doves Cry also off of the Purple Rain soundtrack. When Doves Cry was number one for five weeks on U.S. charts. The song was also the best selling single in 1984. When Doves Cry was the last song that Prince wrote and composed for Purple Rain. He played all the instruments on this song. Some people believe that the lyrics to When Doves Cry are semi-autobiographical.

Prince has shown that he can make great R&B, Pop, and even Rock songs. This is why this talented artist continues to have a large and strong fan base. With his musical skills, Prince will continue to make hit songs in the future.

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