Top Ten Songs by Rick James

“I’m Rick James Bitch!”

I’m 23 years old and my mom says I have an old soul because I love the music of Rick James. Rick James owned the charts in the late 1980’s before his incarceration for rape. Rick’s popularity grew again a few years after his release on an episode of the Dave Chappelle Show where a skit depicted him smacking around Charlie Murphy. “Cocaine is a hell of a drug”

I started listening to Rick James around the age of thirteen and I listened to everything he recorded or featured on so my list is as follows.

1.Mary Jane from the Friday Soundtrack; watching the movie Friday I was introduced to Rick James. His voice captivated me first then it was the awesome guitar solo towards the end of the song. I first heard this song when I was thirteen and at first I thought he was talking about a woman, then as I got older and was able to comprehend the words I realized it was about marijuana, I love it just the same.

2.Ebony Eyes from the Ultimate Collection album. Ricks voice is really powerful and I love the way it sounds over this slow beat. It not so much the lyrics I like but the way his voice sounds, it’s one of a kind and I can listen to this song a million times.

3.Hollywood from the Ultimate Collection album. Another slow tempo beat that Rick James sings over. I still don’t know what the song is about but I listen to it because of the guitar playing and his strong voice over it.

4.Fire & Desire from the Ultimate Collection album. Possibly his most popular song next to Cold Blooded. This song features singing sensation Teena Marie. It’s a duet about to past lover’s seeing each other after years apart and reminiscing about their past relationship. This is an instant classic and I doubt it will ever die.

5.Give It To Me Baby from the Ultimate Collection album. I love the upbeat tempo on the song and trumpets that are in the background. Rick’s band plays an important role in the hits he produced. His voice and the arrangement of music on this song make it my favorite Rick James song to dance around to with my mom.

6.She’s a Bad Mamma Jamma from the Ultimate Collection album. I like this song simply because it’s a nice song to groove to. Rapstress Foxy Brown used the music as a sample in one of her songs as well as it being played in the Bill Bellamy movie How to be a Player.

7.Super Freak from the EJ Songz album. I like the way Rick sang over this song. I don’t really care too much for the music being it just the delivery of the lyrics. However, MC Hammer made the music popular in his hit Can’t touch this.

8.Cold Blooded from the Ultimate Collection album. I like this song basically when he says the words Cold blooded. The beat is a simple snare and a low clap but I like it anyway. I like his approach to hitting on women. I guess it worked back then!

9.69 Times from (Forgot the name of the album) Just use your imagination, judging from the title you can see why anyone would like this song; it brings out your wild kinky side.

Ghetto Life. I like this song because Rick gives us a look at his childhood from standing on the corner singing with his friends and on the search for woman from his kinky sex experienc

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