Top Ten Songs by Trace Adkins

One of the biggest things to come out of Louisiana standing around Six-feet eight-inches tall, Trace Adkins, has emerged as one of country’s bad boys with a big heart. From the football field to the oil fields, Trace Adkins has come a long way making the kind of country music everyone can relate to in one way or another. Since the nineties, Trace Adkins has been pounding out hit after hit from his debut album entitled “Dreaming Out Loud” to his current release “Dangerous Man”.

Trace Adkins first CD entitled “Dreaming Out Loud” put him on the map with three huge hits. “(This Aint) No Thinking Thing” was the first release off this CD and rose to number 12 over all end of the year charts for 1997. This song is a straight-forward love song with a less-than-ballad feeling and to this day Trace adds this song to almost every set list on his tours.

That same year Trace released another fast moving hit entitled “I Left Something Turned On At Home” and I’m sure the title speaks for itself. This track ended up on the charts at number 27 over all for that year as well. This track has a funny twist to love in it that you will find as entertaining as the music behind it.

The final track from that CD that hit the charts that year was entitled “Every Light in the House is On”. This particular one shows the slower more sensitive side to love. This country ballad is laced with Trace Adkins signature baritone voice that has made him the star he has come to be. This track, though not on the charts very long, finished out the year at number 49 out of a top one hundred chart.

The release of Trace Adkins follow up CD “Big Time” had one of the biggest ballads of his career which he wrote for his wife to be entitled “Rest Of Mine”. It is a true tear-jerker. Any one can feel his heart-felt sentiment from start to finish. Though the song isn’t very long nor does it have many lyrics, it says it all. Finishing at forty-six for the year, the song had a lot of competition from some of country’s biggest stars.

After taking a small break from recording, Trace Adkins released his new CD entitled “Chrome” which grabbed the attention to all the bad boys again with more racy lyrics. His first release was the title track to this CD. “Chrome” was a break out song giving back some of the recognition Trace had lost. Trace redeemed his self and his career with this track.

Back to his softer side comes a song that every man that has been divorced and has kids can relate to. “I’m Trying” goes where most artist don’t tread real-life like broken families and hard times that fall on so many people. Tastefully done this track stayed alive on the charts for a couple years.

In 2003, Trace Adkins released a “Greatest Hits” CD. This CD though a nice collection of hits, had another one of those signature tear-jerking ballads about kids growing up and out of your house so fast and where the time all goes. This is a must-hear song that Trace pours all his heart and soul into.

The year 2004 brought out the “man” in Trace with his new release “Rough and Ready”. His first choice of release was “Hot Mama” which turns his ordinary house wife into this hot woman he fell in love with before all the kids and stress of everyday life. The song tells her she still turns him on like she use to from day one.

The title track “Rough and Ready” shows Traces bad side again. Filled with tough guy lyrics and smooth with the ladies ideas, this song fits every rednecks resume.

In 2005, Trace released what would be a more down-to-earth responsible piece of work, that is until you reach the last track. You can tell it was meant to be last on this full of heart-felt songs CD. “Honkytonk Badonkadonk” ss about exactly what you think it is. This has become one of the most fun dance songs to play in the nightclubs today. Every woman with the biggest “badonkadonks” hit the dance floor when it comes on with pride.

Recently Trace Adkins released a new CD entitled “Dangerous Man” and I’m sure this CD will have just as many hits as the rest of his releases over the years. His live show is a must see if you love his music as well.

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