Top Ten Songs by Veggie Tales

Here are the top 10 songs from Veggie Tales, which now appears every Saturday morning on NBC.

10 – I Can Be Your Friend is from Are You My Neighbor? New kids on the block Jimmy and Jerry Gourd saved the starship “USS ApplePies” from destruction, and the gang accepted them despite their strange habits. Sample lyric: “If your hair is red or yellow, we can have lunch – I’ll share my Jell-O.”

9 – Good Morning George is the opening song of Rack, Shack and Benny. Laura Carrot leads the cast in a song about how they all work at the Nezzar Chocolate Factory. It’s a catchy song that explains a lot about the upcoming show, just like a Broadway musical. Sample lyric: “We’re getting very tired, but stopping gets us fired, so we have to stay right here.”

8 – Endangered Love is Larry’s love song to his favorite soap opera character, Barbara Manatee. He dances around the room with a stuffed Barbara doll during commercial breaks on the Endangered Love soap opera. Sample lyric between Barbara and her on-screen boyfriend, Bill: “Please don’t go.” “I must.” “Don’t go.” “I must.” “Don’t!” “Must!” Don’t don’t!” “Must must!”

7 – Larry’s High Silk Hat is the “Classy Song with Larry” from Lyle the Kindly Viking. Archibald Asparagus takes over the show and forces Larry to sing something classy. Larry sings about his beautiful hat and yummy chocolate. As the sun grows hotter, Larry is forced to find ways to protect his treasures. Larry and narrator Archibald sing this song to the Italian folk tune “Finiculi, Finicula.” Sample lyric: “I won’t feel grand if I take off my hat. The sun’s getting’ hot, and my hat just might go flat.”

6 – His Cheeseburger is the “Love Song with Mr. Lunt” from Madame Blueberry. Archibald cancels Larry’s silly song because of the technical difficulties Larry had with The Song of the Cebu. So after a very quick set reconstruction by a crew of peas (which was funny), Lunt takes over with a epic Meat Loaf-style ballad about Jimmy Gourd’s ill-timed attempts to get some fast food. Sample lyric: “Cheeseburger, please do not get angry, he’ll eat and be back here for lunch.”

5 – Stuff-Mart is a series of short tunes that sets up the action on Madame Blueberry. The scallions, dressed as salesmen, entice Madame to their store by pointing out the poor state of her stuff. The show also features an old-school rap about all the great items at Stuff-Mart, as well as a version of the Blue Danube Waltz (Stuff stuff, Mart mart) when Blueberry is buying everything in sight. Sample lyric: “The criminal responsible for this dÃ?©cor really should be hanging from the gallows!”

4 – Sports Utility Vehicle is the Silly Song on A Snoodle’s Tale. Larry and Miss Achmetha (who sang “Lost Puppies” in Esther, the Girl Who Became Queen) meet at a gas station. They sing a soaring love song to each other’s gas guzzlers. Sample lyric: “We’ll slam into four-wheel drive to pick up a dozen eggs.”

3 – The Dance of the Cucumber is the Silly Song on the Dave & the Giant Pickle DVD. Bob is the translator as Larry sings the “traditional Argentinian ballad” in Spanish. First, Larry croons about what a great singer and dancer he is. When he starts singing about what a lousy dancer and singer Bob is, poor Bob still has to translate. Sample lyric: “He wishes he could dance, free and smooth like the cucumber, but he âÂ?¦ uh, can’t.”

2 – The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps is the final Silly Song on The End of the Silliness? DVD. Larry plays a clueless vet who thinks he heals animals through his yodeling. In fact, his nurse (played by Pa Grape) is curing the patients with common-sense solutions. When Dr. Larry refuses to give his nurse a raise, everything literally falls apart. The best part of this song is the barbershop quartet (FrankenCelery and the Scallions) that narrates the action. Sample lyric: “When you go a little loopy, better keep your nurse well-paid!”

1 – The Belly Button Song is the funniest thing the Veggie gang has ever produced. It’s the “Silly Song” on The Ballad of Little Joe DVD. Mr. Lunt leads a Backstreet Boys-like band called Boyz In the Sink, which includes Larry, Junior Asparagus, Jimmy Gourd and rapper Khalil the Caterpillar. First, the band talks about what serious artists they are, while posing for photos. Then, they launch into a song about Mr. Lunt and his lack of a belly button. The sets, clothes, facial expressions and video style are all perfect parodies of the entire 90s boy-band genre. Sample lyric: Baby I need to tell you something. I don’t got a belly button.”

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