Top Ten Songs by Weezer

It’s hard to come up with the top ten songs by Weezer. They are an incredibly accessible band, loved by people with all music tastes. They’re poppy sounding beats and Rivers Cuomo’s catchy, and sometimes painful, lyrics make all of their music worth listening to. If you haven’t heard of them, I’d first ask where you’ve been, and then I’d say that you definitely should give them a shot. Here is a list of songs that will give you a great start to understanding Weezer and it’s long tradition. It’s hard to rank their music because they have so many great songs, but if I have to I would place them in the following order.

1. “Buddy Holly” – The Blue Album
This song is one of the first that brought Weezer into the limelight. Everyone remembers the great Happy Days video complete with a dancing Fonzie. More than just a fun video, this song demonstrates Weezer’s ability to bring poppy tunes to a higher level. You can’t go wrong with this song.

2. “Say It Ain’t So” – The Blue Album
This song comes in a close second. Weezer shows their ability to write an edgy and deep song revealing Rivers Cuomo’s darker side. It’s a great song to listen to if you’re feeling a little angry at the world and need an outlet. Sing it at the top of your lungs, it’ll help.

3. “Undone- The Sweater Song” – The Blue Album
A great extended metaphor; “Undone-The Sweater Song” highlights great lyrics.

4. “The Good Life” – Pinkerton
This song has great guitars and is great to rock out to.

5. “El Scorcho” – Pinkerton
Pinkerton is the product of Rivers Cuomo digging deep. In this song he brings forth a lot of his personal thoughts and feelings as he addresses a fan. It’s got great beats and an original guitar line that will stay in your head forever.

6. “Hash Pipe” – The Green Album
This song will keep your toes tapping and your head rocking.

7. “Island in the Sun”- The Green Album
Want to relax? Put this song on and lay back, listening to Weezer take you away to a different place. It shows that Weezer is not only poppy and fun, but can show a softer side as well.

8. “Dope Nose” – Maladroit
This song has a catchy tune and a rocking guitar. Picture yourself in a crowd at a Weezer concert and you’ll be jumping up and down in unison as soon as this song comes on.

9. “Keep Fishing'”- Maladroit
I always picture the Muppets when I hear this song, which makes it a good one for me. It’ll also keep your head bobbing and your spirits light.

10. Beverly Hills” – Make Believe
The newest album wasn’t my favorite, but “Beverly Hills” is the best of the bunch. It’s got a great melody and, once again, a great accompanying video.

Weezer is definitely a band to take note of. You may notice, however, that the order of the songs goes in the order of the albums that they’ve come out with. I’m of the opinion that the earlier Weezer albums are better than the later. They started with a bit more edge and, in the tradition of most artists, have become a bit softer and less edgy. The Blue Album has ten songs on it and I would easily choose those songs over any others, but felt the need to go with a variety from different albums to introduce people to the many different albums of Weezer. If you notice, however, the earlier albums do reign supreme, with the newer ones coming in later. Don’t discount their newer material, but definitely make sure to check out the older, edgier Weezer.

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