Top Ten Songs by the Corrs

Besides being an attractive bunch, these Irish siblings have proved their teamwork over the years. Their repeated array of hit singles and consistent high-energy on the stage, make them an enjoyable musical experience. And what other band holds the record for the prettiest drummer, and the most beautiful woman in the world accolades? Here are my top ten songs by this brilliant international sensation.

10.Would you be happier?

“Did you ever dream you were the movie star with popcorn in your hand?”-Well wake up! This is a cheery little song with motivating lyrics and a congenial tone. It screams ‘don’t worry’ we all dream sometime, but be happy with what you have. “You’re gonna be just fine!”

9.Hopelessly addicted

This is the clichÃ?© story of falling in love when you least expected it. Who hasn’t done that once before? And if you can’t relate, you’ll still be singing along to the “I don’t know why-y-yie-yie but suddenly I’m falling/ na na na na naâÂ?¦” Usually I don’t go for songs with ‘na na nas’ as lyrics, but it’s so contagious you’ll be hopelessly addicted in no time.

8. Runaway

This is their first international hit, and our first taste of this sibling group in action. Obviously they have a lot of practice with love songs, but this one is one of their finest.

7. Breathless

Up until their album In Blue they were more pop-py than anything else. But In Blue gave them a real foot into dance music as well. I break a smile every time I think of Andrea hopping around on stage during the upbeat intro to this song. And when you think that Caroline is drumming her heart out on this one, you’ve got to love it.


Most remakes don’t even come close to the magic of their original. But The Corrs do a very tasteful dance mix of this traditional Fleetwood Mac song. Although Andrea is no Stevie Nicks, she gives the song a fresh vocal renewal.

5.Only when I sleep

Jim’s guitar cruises through this song with the enthralling ebb and flow of Andrea’s lead. There is definitely a dreamy quality to the song to compliment the theme.

4.So Young

The high energy, carefree air of this song is vintage The Corrs. “It really doesn’t matter if we don’t eat/ and it really doesn’t matter if we never sleepâÂ?¦because we are so young/ so young now!” They might be getting older, but this tune will stay forever young.

3. When the Stars Go Blue

What’s an Irish song without Bono? This pairing is brilliant! From their Live in Dublin album, this little number has an old-fashioned charm with lyrics such as, “dancing in your wooden shoes/ and your wedding gown.” Besides you can hear the accent better in the word “blue” than most other words that can be elongated in a chorus-fascinating.

2.Forgiven, Not Forgotten

Who else uses a tin whistle? Their first album introduced us to this attractive quartet and their unique set of instruments. This title track starts out slow and then rises to the occasion by picking up in the middle and racing along. With a song like this, how can the album be forgotten?

1.Toss the Feathers (instrumental)

Surprised that an irish jig made the top of the list? This instrumental appeared on their first album Forgiven, Not Forgotten and it showcases their heritage with driving instrumental power. Clocking in at 2 minutes and 50 seconds, this was their longest jig; You’re sad to see it end. And just when you think that The Corrs may have sold out to dance or pop stardom, they play a traditional instrumental and completely redeem their status.

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