Top Ten Songs by the Dave Matthews Band

The hardest thing in the world is picking only ten songs from The Dave Matthews Band. They have an extensive musical repertoire and very rarely come out with a bad song. Each album has a different feel and each one is worth checking out. With an extensive live album catalogue as well, each and every song is worth checking out live. If you can make it to a concert, even better, you won’t regret it. As I’m sure you can tell, this band is among my favorites. I can’t really choose a top ten list that is set in stone, but if I have to, here are the ones I chose. Keep in mind that this changes from day to day and should in now way limit your own exploration of the band. My top ten list is as follows.

1. “Crush” – Before These Crowded Streets
This song is the epitome of a Dave Matthews Band song. It has an easy, relaxing feel showcasing the best aspects of the band. Dave’s sultry voice is displayed, supported by the smooth playing of the other members. The flute introduction is classic, setting a smooth, jazz-like mood. It makes me want to sit back and relax with a bottle of wine.

2. “Two Step” – Crash
This song was in the running for first. The instruments meld together perfectly for an original orchestration and sound.

3. “Don’t Drink the Water” – Before These Crowded Streets
The darker side of Dave and the band is displayed in this song. It’s mixture of smooth vocals and instruments with intense lyrics and a growing musical tension makes it truly unique.

4. “Dancing Nancies” – Under the Table and Dreaming
This offering from the earlier, lighter days of the band is one you’re sure to enjoy.

5. “Granny” – Various live albums
I discovered this song at a concert. It’s not on any album that I can find, but I may be wrong. It appears on several of the live albums. It’s always a favorite with the fans and you’ll always know it by the guitar introduction. Dave also shows the sweet side of his voice.

6. “Bartender” – Busted Stuff
The lyrics for this song would be great to analyze. Interesting lyrics and a building score make this song powerful.

7. “Big Eyed Fish” – Busted Stuff
I love the inflections that Dave chose for the lyrics in this song and the plucked melodic line. It’s not a very popular song, but one that you should definitely check out.

8. “What Would You Say” – Under the Table and Dreaming
Another earlier offering from the album that made The Dave Matthews Band a success, this song is a fan favorite.

9. “Satellite” – Under the Table and Dreaming
The guitar alone in this song is enough to make it go down in history as one of the greats. Many a guitarist will practice it until they can get the fingering correct. It’s unique sound and sultry sound is enough to make you swoon.

10. “When the World Ends” – Everyday
This song is a great love song with a soft, but strong sound. It’s a favorite with live crowds, as Dave likes to switch up the lyrics.

Again, I’d have to say that choosing only ten songs is a hard task. They have so many wonderful and original songs and are even better live. Don’t limit yourself to ten. Their extensive library is one that’s worth experiencing in full. The Dave Matthews Band has a large following for a reason. They span generations of fans and will go down in history as one of the greats. Exploring their music is a journey in its own rights. Take my advice and start now.

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