Top Ten Toys for FourYear Olds

Four year olds are ready for big changes in toys. Thei first real two wheeler, more complicated games and puzzles. After all, they are just one year away from Kindergarten, in fact come of them may already be in Kindergarten. When looking for a toy for a 4 year old, look for bigkids type tyeos sized for smaller children, board games that start using words, building toys that are more complicated and have smaller parts. And toys that they can play with with friends and family. Also look for toys that will be able to be used for many years, toys that can grow with the child. Theses are 10 of the best types of toys for four year olds and some of the best of each type. Enjoy your shopping. And I hope you like them as much as I do.

Arts and Crafts for Four year olds

This has every conceivable tool the budding artist will need, It is especially good for the 4 year old who is getting to start kindergarten and will be needing art supplies. The 132-piece center contains 12 watercolor paints with palette, 28 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, 26 crayons, 30 fine tip markers, water bottle, 2 brushes, sponge, 2 drawing pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, clear and white glue. And comes in a durable case that will last for years.

Riding Toys for year olds

Radio Flyer Classic Red 12 Inch Bicycle
It is time for the first 2 wheeler. Do not make the mistake of buying the bike too big with the idea that the child will grow into it. When sitting on the seat the child’s feet should be able to reach the ground. If they can’t the bike is too big Remember, safety first. And don’t forget the helmet. Radio Flyer is a well known and respected toy company. When buying that first bike, quality is an important thing to factor in. This bike is solidly made and comes with the training wheels included.

Kettler Kettcar Kabrio
For the young racing car fan, Kettler makes a great first go cart. It runs on pedal power and the chain is completely enclosed for safety. The pedals are over sized and slip resistant. It is for children from 4-7 years old, and it will last long enough to be passed down to the next child.

Science Toys for four year olds

Scientific Explorer has two great kits to get a 4 year old interested in science.
My First Dino Kit
This one has real tools for the child to dig out the dinosaur bones, but it does not stop there. They also get to put the dinosaur together and there are more activities than this. It is not a toy that will be used just once.
The second one is
My First Geology Kit
This one also comes with the tools needed to explore rocks. And 5 rocks to start a rock collection. It is a great way to introduce the idea of a hobby.

Board Games for four year olds.

Great States Junior Geography Board Game
This game is for 2-4 players and the child also has to compete against the time by finding states, identifying shapes and other activities

Travel Games for four year Olds

Travel Bingo Game from Eeboo games
A very innovative version of the good old bingo game, Instead of numbers on the bingo card, there are pictures of things they you will see on the road. When a player see the object he marks it off on the card , get 5 in a row and BINGO

Building Toys for four Year Olds .

Marble Run – 30 Pieces
The child connects the 24 plastic pieces to make the raceway and let the 6 marbles go It is different every time they play This type of toy can keep them busy for hours.

Makit Tinker Toys from Schylling Toys
Tinker Toys have been around for ever. They still come in the familiar round container we all remember and they still provide hours of fun.

Books for four Year Olds

The Fabulous Book Of Paper Dolls From Klutz
This is an award winner and rightfully so. Theses are not the paper dolls we are all familiar with, by far. No more cutting and no more tabs that never held the clothes on anyway. Everything is perforated and the clothes are held on by reusable sticky dots. It also comes with 6 backdrops to encourage the imagination.

Chicken Socks How To Tell Time Book
This is just one of the Chicken Socks series and every one of them is great. In The How To Tell Time Book, the child not only learns how to tell time, but why it is so important. It cones with a colorful child sized watch also.

Imagination Toys for four Year Olds.

Bella Dancerella: Swan Lake Ballet with Tote Bag
This is a great way to introduce a young lady to the beauty of ballet. Learning the basics of ballet is fun and easy! Comes complete with: 30-Minute Dance Along DVD, Ballet Barre and Step-to-Step Mat.

Outdoor Toys for four Year Olds

Nerf Ultra-Grip Mini Football
The child’s first Nerf It is sized for smaller hands and being a Nerf, it will not hurt when it hits.

Trains for four Year Olds

Deluxe Wooden Train Table with 101 Piece Train Set and 2 Storage Draws by Imaginarium
This is a Parents Choice Awards Winner.It Includes 100 piece train set and two ample storage draws Dual-sided play board for double the adventure. It is Compatible with Thomas & Friends wooden train sets and Brio wooden trains

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