Top Ten Toys for Infants

The days are long gone when you put an infant in a crib, or play pen, gave them a rattle or teething ring and left them to their own devices. Today, infant toys span the range from the traditional to high tech. One thing, buy toys that are age appropriate No matter how advanced you infant seems to be, he/she is still and infant and will put everything and anything into their mouth. Check the toys to make sure there are no small parts. And if it is painted, such as wooden blocks, make sure the paint is non toxic. Also , if there are older children in the home, or at a home you are visiting, talk to them about the importance of not sharing their toys with the infant. It only takes a minute for an accident to happen. Do not be afraid to speak up if you see something going on you do not agree with. The toys here are from some of the best known and respected toy companies. Some of them have been on the market for many years and are old favorites and some of them are new. Be sure to read all the information on a toy before you decide to purchase. Here are the ten best types of toys for infants and the best selections for each one.

Crib Attaching Toys for Infants

These are the first toys your baby will notice. They help them learn to focus on objects and they get the idea that if they touch something, they can make it move or make noise or both. Think the baby is too young? Just put one of theses in the crib and watch what happens.

Miracles & Milestones� Mix & Match� Musical Mobile from Fisher- Price is one of the best.
You can customize it with different lights and sounds as the baby grows and becomes more interactive with his/her toys.

Miracles & Milestones� Mix & Match� Blocks
This is another one from Fisher-Price that I really like. When the baby is very young you can attach it to the crib. It is all soft material, so if the infant grabs for it, they will not be hurt. And when the infant is a little older, he/she can remove the blocks and put them back Spend some time with this and they will begin to learn about matching patterns.

Activity Gyms Toys for Infants

The baby will not be in the crib all the time and for those times there are special toys for playing on the floor.
Baby GymtasticsâÂ?¢ 3-in-1 Rockin’ GymâÂ?¢
This is a great one. When the child is an infant, he/she can lie underneath it and make the music and ligts change and when the infant becomes a toddler, he/she can sit on it take a look at the pictures

5-in-1 Adjustable Gym
This is one of the best values around. It lasts from birth to age 3. Just change it to appropriate configuration There are five to choose from.

Traveling Toys for Infants

When in the stroller or car, the infant still needs something to hold his/hers attention.

Miracles & Milestones� Musical Activity Dashboard
This one is designed to fit on most car seats and the baby can drive along with you. It is machine
washable, just take the batteries out first. For ages 6 months and up

Magic Moments� Learning Seat
From leap frog This is a great seat to take to grandmas or just to put on your own living room floor. The infant is strapped in securely with a fantastic activity bar in front that is very interactive.

Outdoor Toys for Infants

Yes, you will need something just for the yard or terrace. Infants need stimulation in all parts of their environment.

Infant to Toddler Swing
This is for infants 6 months and up. This is for use on grass surfaces only, It reclines for infants as young as 6 months, and an older infant can sit up. There is a very secure harness, but do not leave the infant alone.

Soft and Cuddly Toys for Infants

Laugh & Learn� Learning Puppy�
For the infant from 6 months and up, this cutie teaches everything from ABC’s to body parts and is musical to boot.

Learn-Along� Leap
The Leap Frog, Frog just the right size for small hands. You have the choice of the boy Leap or the girl Lilly and each one sings a different song.

Blocks and Stackers Toys for Infants

Brilliant BasicsâÂ?¢ Baby’s First Blocks
These are some of the best infant blocks. The infant gets to put them in their container and them comes the best part, dumping them out again.

Brilliant Basicsâ�¢ Rock-a-Stack�®
An oldie but goodie, this one has been on the market for way over 20 years and is still
a favorite. And at a suggest retail price of $5.00 you sure do get your money’s worth.

Teething rings and rattlers.Toys for Infants

Ocean Wonders� 2-in-1 Soother/Teether
This one is great because you can fill it with water, put it in the freezer and really cooloff the infants sore gums.

Walkers Toys for Infants

Walkers are for infants 6 months & up.
Brilliant Basics� Musical Activity Walker
This is one of the best on the market. It folds flat for on the floor play and makes music when the infant holds on and walks.
Action Toys for Infants
6 months & up
It is so hard to pick a favorite here, there are so many choices available.

But If I were 6 months old theses are the ones I would want.
Roll-a-Rounds� Drop & Roar� Dinosaur
So much action here, ramps, tunnels, dinosaur sounds and music, and it is an award winner.

Baby Gymtastics� Ball Toss
This one is great for hand and eye coordination. It sways back and forth as the infant tries to get the balls through the hoop It is also great for small spaces.

Books for Infants
A child is never to young for books. There are some great ones espically written for infants.

Touch & Tug� Discovery Book
This is a great first book. It has activities for the youngest infant and still keeps them entertained as they grow. Well worth taking a look.

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