Top Things that Can Devalue Your Home

Even though the real estate market is picking back up, sellers still need the right tools to have the upper hand when selling their home. And while it’s a buyer’s market, everything counts when it comes to selling your home. Therefore, we have a list of things that can devalue your home. It’s these items you want to improve on as much as possible. Follow these tips to get the most value from your home sale.

Top things that devalue your home:

Exterior of your home: Dirty windows, faded and chipping paint, broken sidewalks and driveways call all devalue your home. If you want to get what your home is really worth, clean your windows (inside and out), splash on some new paint (keep it neutral), repair broken sidewalks and driveways. .

Landscaping or lack thereof: Besides the house, the yard is the first thing people see. Potential buyers want to live in a home with a beautiful yard. Therefore, poorly kept yards are a huge buyer turn off. Don’t get overwhelmed by the thought of redoing the yard. You can affordably add curb appeal by sprucing up your flower beds, keeping your grass cut, trimming the hedges, and planting a few new flowers. You want the front of the home to be visually inviting.

Out-of-date kitchens: Updating your kitchen will add instant value to your home. Buyers also like bright and clean kitchens. So, if your kitchen is dark and dingy, clean it up and brighten it up. Adding new appliances, countertops, cabinets, fixtures and paint can get you back 90% on your investment at closing. It may seem like a lot up front, but it’s worth it in the end.

Outdated bathrooms: The bathroom is just as important as the kitchen. If you give your bathroom a complete makeover, you can recoup up to 80% of your investment at closing. Inexpensive makeovers include new fixtures, new lighting, new paint, and tile on the floor. If you can afford it, update your sink and bathtub. And, make sure it’s all clean when you place your home for sale. Do you have a stained and dingy toilet? Replace it too. Low flow toilets are a great, affordable option.

The pet turnoff: Pets are a big turnoff for many potential buyers. Some people can see a pet and think of bad odors whether they are there or not. And, they think they’ll be living with lingering pet odors. So, it’s best to just not have the pets in the home when it’s on the market.

Decorating: When it comes to decorating it can be tricky. What you may like, a buyer may not. All buyers want to see themselves living in your home. Therefore, when you decorate, keep it simple and stick to neutral tones. Bright colors can be a big turnoff for many buyers. Neutral colors are more appealing.

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