Top Three Authentic Indian Restaurants in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, Florida is home to quite a few wonderful Indian restaurants. They offer authentic Indian cuisine for the masses of people who are hooked on the spices and heat made famous by authentic Indian dishes. For a real treat check out some of these great local Indian restaurants.

India Gate is a local owned Indian restaurant with wonderfully authentic Indian dishes. It is all about the food at India Gate. Their menu is full of delectable Indian specialties that are always slightly different everywhere you eat them. They have a variety of tandoori specials that are as an equally appealing to the eye as the stomach. One of their most memorable ones is a chicken Tandoori that is brought to the table on the brick it was cooked on. The chicken is colored red and is moist, tender, and delicious. Their vegetarian daals are some of the best in town. Best of the portions are not out of control, so you won’t over indulge. India Gate is located at 9825 San Jose Boulevard, Suite 6, Jacksonville, Florida, 32257. This is inside of a shopping mall, like many Indian restaurants. Their plain exterior truly belies the wonderful food inside. They can be reached at (904) 262-9577. Jewel of India is open on Saturday and Sunday from 11:30am to 2:30pm and Sunday through Thursday from 5:00pm to 10:00pm. On Friday and Saturday nights they stay open an extra hour until 11:00pm.

Taj Indian Restaurant is located at 9041 Southside Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida, 32256. They are a favorite among the local Indian population. Their dishes are authentic and well made. Prices are reasonable and portions are somewhat large. Two people could easily share a meal and have room for a little traditional Indian dessert. The atmosphere is very causal and the staff can be very helpful. You may need to ask if you have any questions or need recommendations. The staff is polite and noninvasive, so they may leave you to your own devises if you look like you know what you are ordering. Asking the staff what they enjoy eating is great way to find out what the true specialties at a restaurant are. The emphasis is definitely on the food at this great local eatery. They offer a variety of curry dishes in the usually heat levels. Taj Indian Restaurant can be reached at (904) 519-0098.

Bombay Tandoor Indian Restaurant is a great source in Jacksonville for authentic and traditional Indian dishes. They have established a loyal clientele over the years and are very successful. Their specialties are revealed in their name. They offer a variety of Tandoori dishes that are spicy, flavorful, and marinated to perfection. Most Indian restaurants serve Tandoori dishes, but they seem to be even better at Bombay Tandoor Indian Restaurant. Everyone has his or her specialty I guess! They also have a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes that are flavorful, spicy, and can be packed with heat. Indian flatbread is also an available a favorite with many of the diners. Bombay Tandoor Indian Restaurant is located at 7404 Atlantic Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida, 32211. They can be reached at (904) 725-5711.

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