Top Three Moderatly Priced Restaurants in Huntington Village, NY

Dinning out on Long Island’s North Shore can be quite cost prohibative, to say the least, for the average person. Huntington Village is certainly no exception to this. Main Street and the one way tributories flowing to and from it are packed with swank, sheik, NYC style restaurants with NYC style prices. With a bit of research, and smart menu choices, the possibility does exist to find a reasonably priced quality meal in the village. Here are my top three choices for dinner for two in the $60 price range.

The first of my top three moderatly priced Huntington restaurants is a Japanese restaurant called Tomo Habachi, on the corner of Main and New Streets. Inside in the lobby, to your left, you will see a magnificent stone water wall with a comforting constant sheet of flowing water. The hostess will inquire if you are interested in sushi or habachi. Habachi diners will be led to the right into a room filled with 6 table/grills, each of which will seat 8-10 people. A hostess will take a drink menu, you can get a soft drink or a cocktail and still stay in the $60 budget. When ordering your meal, you can stay in the $20 a piece range by ordering just about any habachi on the menu, chicken, shrimp, beef, scallops, or flounder. Just stay away from the Filet and the lobster, these are pricey. With your meal will come a small shrimp app, a salad, soup, and white rice ($2 extra for fried rice). The habachi chef will dazzle his guests with the onion volcano, flipping chunks of zucchini into diners mouths, and banging his utensils like drum sticks. Dinner and a show for $60!

Next is Mexican. Pancho Villas on Wall Street is a large traditional Mexican restaurant with valet parking ($2-$3 or you can park on the street for free), a strolling Mariachi band on the weekend, and a nice seclection of pretty inexpensive authentic Mexican food. Combination platters are the most economical choice. You can get, for example, a taco, a burrito,and an enchilada, with beans and rice, for $8-$10. Then there are grilled items such as fajitas, pork chops, and blackened chicken, but If you want to try one of thier exceptional margaritas, you’ll have to stick with the combo plates to stay in your budget. Tableside prepared guacamole is a neat treat, especially if on a date, if you want to spring for it.

The third of my top three moderatly priced Huntington restaurants is Meehan’s Bar and Grill, located on New York Avenue, just south of Main Street , a great choice for your classic American fare of burgers and a beer. They offer about a dozen different burger choices (onions, bleu cheese, sauteed mushrools, cheddar, swiss, bacon, ham, etc…). All burgers come with waffle fries, cole slaw, and a pickle. They have a nice selection of draught beer served by the pint, domestic and imported. Their burgers are in the $10 price range so perfect for the $60 budget, you can even get an app (mozzerella sticks, chicken fingers, wings,…how American is this place?) or dessert! Another plus is eating outside in warm weather in Meehan’s quaint court, or eat inside in high backed large booths. A great place for a good price.

So, my top three moderatly priced Huntington restaurants are waiting at their doors. Hungry?

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