Top Three Vintage Clothing Stores in Washington, DC

Vintage clothing stores in Washington, DC are a great source for vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, shoes, and hats. Vintage clothing stores in Washington, DC are a great source for one of a kind vintage pieces that will revitalize your existing clothing and accessories. Vintage clothing stores are the perfect place to find one of a kind pieces that will make you wardrobe work for you. Nothing is worse than realizing you are wearing the exact same sweater from the Gap as the girl sitting next to you. If you find yourself in this predicament try checking out the local vintage clothing stores. Adding a vintage piece or two to your existing wardrobe is a great way to make your clothing unique as well as interesting. Believe me, no one will mistake a vintage piece for something from the mall. Everyone is an individual inside, but reflecting that can take a little time and energy. So, the next time you are ready to stand out in the crowd, take a look at one of these great local vintage clothing stores in Washington, DC.

Rage Clothing carries a huge selection of vintage and slightly used new name brand clothing. They are picky about what they buy, so you don’t have to waste your time looking at damaged or cheap goods. Rage Clothing is definitely not your local thrift store. Rage Clothing is located at 1069 Wisconsin Avenue, North West, Washington, DC. They purchase and trade clothing to keep their inventory large and constantly changing. Trading or selling your existing vintage and name brand clothing is a great way to constantly change your existing wardrobe on a budget. To make an appointment to sell you’re own vintage clothing contact Rage Clothing at (202) 333-1069.

Inga’s Once is Not Enough says it all in their clever name. It will definitely take more than one visit to search through all that they have to offer. The clothing is arranged by style as well as category, but that is only a little help getting through their large inventory. If you are looking specifically for a leather jacket, you can at least figure out where to start. Don’t worry; the staff is great and more than willing to point you in the right directions. Inga’s Once is Not Enough is located at 4830 MacArthur Boulevard North West, Washington, DC. For directions contact Inga’s Once is Not Enough at (202) 337-3072.

Deja Blue is a fabulous vintage clothing store with a large inventory. This is deified the place to find a great pair of worn out boy jeans or a hip piece of vintage costume jewelry. Try taking some of their costume jewelry and pinning it on your pocketbook or blazer. Vintage pieces seem to never go out of style. Adding a little flash to existing pieces can make them seem brand new. Deja Blue is located at 3005 M Street North West, Washington, DC. They also carry a selection of slightly used name brand and designer clothing at a discount price. For direction contact Deja Blue at (202) 337-710.

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