Top Three Yoga Studios in Nashville, Tennessee

Yoga and Nashville, Tennessee may not be two ideas you would expect to see in the same sentence, but what we least expect can often be the most rewarding. Yoga originated in the Far East, but has traveled across many miles and many centuries to establish some firm roots in Nashville. The South is well known for their soul food and gracious way of life. Not surprisingly yoga has fit perfectly into the lifestyles of many local Nashville residents. Today’s Nashville has almost as many yoga studios as it does BBQ joints. Nashville, Tennessee is part of a new way of life sweeping the South that focuses on a healthy body, soul, and mind.

Webster defines yoga in many different ways. One all encompassing definition of yoga describes it as a union between the divine and you mind and body. More to the point Webster says, “Yoga is a philosophy and discipline applied to the development of the mind, body, and spirit.” Practitioners of Yoga aim to achieve a flexibility and calmness of mind, body, and spirit through holding different body positions, known as asanas, and the centering of breath and mind while meditating. Most importantly Yoga practitioners will often feel transformed into a more energetic and balance version of themselves. Yoga is perfect for weight loss, stress relief, and the general overall health of your body, mind, and soul. Now that the Yoga 101 lesson is over you may still find the task of choosing a yoga studio a little overwhelming, especially if you are a newcomer. Check out these three Nashville Yoga studios and you are sure to be a pro in no time.

12South Yoga, located at 2814 12th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee, 37204, is a great studio for beginners and experienced individuals alike. Beginners through experienced practitioners are offered a variety of classes that help increase their flexibility. 12South Yoga offers special classes for postpartum mothers. The Mom and Me yoga class was designed specifically with the new mothers as well ass the new baby’s needs in mind. The atmosphere is casual and the staff is knowledgeable. Call ahead to find out class prices and schedules. 12South Yoga can be reached at (615) 385-3600.

The Yoga Room offers new comers a small class size that can give you the all-important attention you made need as you begin your yoga studio experience. A variety of class levels are offered that range from beginner to experienced and everywhere in between. The Yoga Room looks like you would expect a yoga room in a movie to look. Large shiny hardwood floors are lit by natural light flooding in through the skylights. The setting is friendly and the staff is warm and helpful. No need to feel intimidated or out of place at the Yoga Room. Be sure to bring your won yoga mat or small blanket because the floor can be a little hard. The Yoga Room is located at 2829 Azalea Place, Nashville, Tennessee, 37204. They can be reached at (615) 383-6197 for a current class schedule and pricing.

Hot Yoga Nashville is just what the name implies. The yoga studio is heated to a rather balmy level that encourages your muscles to relax and stretch beyond expectations. This style of heated yoga is known as hatha yoga. Relaxation overcomes the body in this tropical environment. Although escaping the Southern heat may be more what you had in mind, hatha yoga is definitely worth a try. The atmosphere is definitely warm, so make sure you dress appropriately. Hot Yoga Nashville can be a nice change if you are already an experienced yoga practitioner.

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